Court authorizes new class action against Catholic congregation in Quebec

first_imgMONTREAL – The Quebec Court of Appeal has authorized a new class action lawsuit against a major Roman Catholic organization for alleged sexual abuse committed by some of its members.The decision overturns a 2015 Superior Court of Quebec ruling rejecting the class action request.The Congregation of Holy Cross apologized and paid up to $18 million in 2013 to compensate victims for abuse that occurred at three Quebec institutions over a five-decade span.That agreement stemmed from an out-of-court mediated settlement, spurred by the threat of a class-action lawsuit.A spokesman for a victims’ rights group says the landmark settlement prompted about 40 new alleged victims to come forward.Sebastien Richard says the current class-action names more institutions, including Montreal’s iconic Saint Joseph’s Oratory.In a phone interview, Richard pointed out that the oratory is Canada’s largest church and reports directly to the Vatican, which could lead to embarrassment on the church’s part if the class-action is successful.He also accused the religious order of doing what it could to “drag out” the process, noting that time is running out for many of the alleged victims, many of whom are elderly.“They’re also people who have kept silent for a long time — too long,” he said Wednesday.The Congregation of Holy Cross did not respond to a request for comment.last_img read more

More housing needed to help tsunami victims UN relief coordinator says

“We have been feeding more or less everybody who is in need,” said Jan Egeland. “We provided medical assistance, we provided water, and we provided sanitation in very difficult circumstances.”But reconstruction has gone slower than expected, and with the rainy season beginning, many people in Aceh will urgently need shelter, he said.Mr. Egeland stressed the need to coordinate shelter-building activities among agencies more closely. Eric Morris, who had been in charge of developing a six-month transitional and permanent shelter plan, has been designated to head that effort.The plan for the next six months is to move all people out of tents and more than 100,000 into new transitional shelter while building tens of thousands of new permanent houses, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The overall goal is to get all inhabitants into permanent housing before next year’s rainy season. read more

At highlevel debate UN officials urge boosted efforts for security sector reform

“Security spending alone, without good governance and the rule of law, does not necessarily result in higher levels of safety and stability for citizens, countries or regions. Nor does it necessarily enhance development,” Mr. Eliasson said addressing the high-level meeting of the Group of Friends of Security Sector Reform earlier today at UN Headquarters in New York.He added that from Liberia and the Central African Republic to Somalia, security sector reform efforts had to be deeply embedded within the country itself, rather than imposed from the outside, and he observed that commitment from host governments remained “absolutely critical.”According to the UN, security sector reform is a process which aims to “enhance effective and accountable security for the State and its peoples” by transforming the security sectors – defence, law enforcement, corrections, intelligence services and institutions responsible for border management, customs and civil emergencies – into more accountable and professional institutions which fully respect human rights and the rule of law.Providing an example, Mr. Eliasson pointed to Guinea where, under the leadership of the President, a $12 million UN Peacebuilding Fund allocation had successfully supported “a difficult political transition.” Yet in South Sudan, a lack of broad-based political agreement on security sector reform or on how to resolve the country’s ongoing political crisis had left the young African nation teetering on the brink of a massive security and humanitarian crisis.To secure the full implementation of security sector reform, the Deputy Secretary-General suggested what he described as four “cross-cutting priorities”: securing political commitments and leadership by incorporating security sector reform into the mandates of senior leaders; integrating such reform with critical peacekeeping and peacebuilding tasks; deepening and broadening partnerships; and strengthening the evaluation capacity of the UN and Member States. Also addressing the High-Level debate, Assistant Secretary-General for the Rule of Law and Security Institutions, Dmitry Titov, similarly warned that poorly trained and inadequately equipped security forces are “a threat not only to safety and stability, but also basic rights, such as the freedom of expression” – a problem which has become “all too common” in peacekeeping settings. To that point, he proposed three priorities which, he said, should be applied within a peace operating context: the training and equipping of national security forces and the development of national governance capacities; the creation of operational partnerships; and the establishment of inclusive political agreements that ensure the popular legitimacy of the State and national ownership of security sector reform. “Weak institutions and flaws in the rule of law are among the most serious obstacles to sustainable development,” Mr. Eliasson continued. “Inclusive and accountable security institutions, that uphold the rule of law and respect human rights, are a necessary element for sustainable development.” read more

Camilla names new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales as Charles looks

first_imgaircraft carrier camilla “I can also boast six Admirals among my forebears, who fought with varying degrees of distinction for King and country throughout the 18th century. The Duchess of Cornwall, watched by her husband, has named the Royal Navy’s second new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales.Work on the huge £3 billion vessel was halted for the old naval tradition which combines a celebration with a solemn blessing.The duchess, the ship’s sponsor, smashed a bottle of whisky against the ship in the ceremony at Rosyth Dockyard, Fife. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall at the ceremony in RosythCredit:PA Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrives with Prince Charles at aircraft carrier ceremonyCredit:Getty Sailors march past the new carrierCredit:Reuters The duchess presses a button to release a bottle of whiskyCredit:PA camillacenter_img Her husband, known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, looked on as she carried out the honours as the 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier reached the latest landmark in the construction process. It will be 2019 before the carrier can begin sea trials.After a short speech, Camilla declared: “I name this ship Prince of Wales. May God bless her and all who sail in her.”She pressed a button to trigger the smashing of a bottle of Laphroaig whisky against the ship’s hull. The Islay single malt is believed to be one of Charles’s favourites. The carrier is the seventh ship in the Navy to bear the name HMS Prince of Wales, with the first being launched in 1765.The “most distinguished” was a King George V class battleship, launched in 1939, which played a vital part in the Second World War.It was sunk in the South China Sea in December 1941, with the loss of 327 lives. Three men who served on the battleship were present at Friday’s ceremony. camilla charles In her speech, she said: “As Lady Sponsor, I take great pride in my own personal connections with the Royal Navy.”For almost ten years now, I have been Commodore in Chief of the Royal Navy Medical Service and of the naval chaplaincy service. Camilla wore a navy blue dress and coat designed by Fiona Clare for the occasion, along with a navy and white Philip Treacy hat and a Prince of Wales feathered brooch. Charles, Admiral of the Fleet, was in uniform. “Naturally, however, my closest connection with our great Navy is through another Admiral, my husband, another Prince of Wales. So I already feel a particular affection for this ship.”When she and her ship’s company are out on the high seas, please remember that I will be holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.”I am certain that you will carry out whatever is asked of you with the pride that comes of being at the forefront of our Naval prowess. Wherever she is asked to serve her country, may she and her company return safely to harbour.”Earlier, the duchess told the crowds that seven shipyards across the country had worked together to design and build the 900ft carrier and its identical sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, which arrived in its home base of Portsmouth last month. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

BBC presenters miss out on top jobs if they have doublebarrelled surnames

Tim Willcox outside the Rolls Building in London, where he is challenging income tax and national insurance demands made by HMRC officialsCredit:Kirsty O’Connor/PA Tim Willcox outside the Rolls Building in London, where he is challenging income tax and national insurance demands made by HMRC officials He told a High Court tax tribunal: “One is constantly at the whim of any new programme editor or whoever new comes in … It might be as simple as someone saying, ‘I don’t want someone with a double-barrelled name on the 10 O’Clock News.’”Mr Willcox presented the Chilean miners’ story in 2010, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, and the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in 2015. BBC presenters could miss out on high-profile jobs if they have a double-barrelled name, a tribunal heard as a veteran journalist described the “whimsical, ludicrous, precarious business” of broadcast news.Tim Willcox, a presenter on BBC news since 2004, said some executives valued “what looked right” ahead of journalistic integrity.Along with David Eades and Joanna Gosling, Mr Willcox is appealing against a joint tax bill of £920,000 in what is seen as a test case for more than 100 other presenters.The three were told to set up personal service companies by the BBC in return for contracts that granted them a minimum amount of work. HMRC says the arrangement amounts to employment and attracts a different tax scale.Mr Willcox said he was relieved to be offered a BBC contract because “I work in a very competitive industry where people fall in and out of favour”. But he said: “There have been several occasions where I’ve had calls before going on air from the managing editor saying: ‘I wanted to warn you that we’ve taken on a particular person and, as a result, the amount of work we can give you has been significantly impacted.’”The case continues. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

HTC doesnt own the S3 graphics patents it used to sue Apple

first_imgFew tech topics lead to as much collective groaning as patent spats, and few companies are involved in them more publicly than Apple. Earlier this year, HTC decided to launch an attack on Apple to the tune of $300 million dollars — using graphics patents that it now turns out they might not even own.Yes, really.It all started back in 2010 when Apple sued HTC for infringing 20 of its patents. HTC vowed to defend itself vigorously, and Microsoft gave Apple a fistbump of support — which isn’t nearly as surprising as you might think, since Microsoft took HTC to task over patent issues itself. HTC then countersued Apple and sought additional protection by buddying up with one of the industry’s most notorious patent trolls.Then, back in July, HTC acquired graphics stalwart S3. While not quite the household name that either AMD or Nvidia are, S3 developed some truly groundbreaking graphics tech. In fact, the texture compression S3 developed was licensed by Microsoft for DirectX on Windows and both Sony and Nintendo for their gaming consoles.What motivated the HTC purchase? Matthew mused that it might be stockpiling ammo for another counter-assault on Apple. That turned out to be the case, but according to AMD the patents HTC used to file the new suit aren’t even theirs to use. AMD claims that ATI purchased the patents from S3 “years ago” and can provide the complete ownership history.If that’s true, the only way HTC could still use the previously-S3-owned patents to attack Apple would be with AMD’s blessing — and that’s not going to happen. AMD has no intentions of suing one of its best customers, says the company. So once again HTC appears to be on shaky ground with Apple, but as we’ve seen before, in this case there’s always time for one more twist.More at Roughly Drafted and FOSS Patentslast_img read more

Windows 8 RTM is being downloaded right now

first_imgYou have probably heard that Windows 8 will officially be released on October 26th but, as you assumed, lots of people will be getting it ahead of that date. Just like with Windows 8 RP and CP, versions are seeded to insiders — like developers and TechNet subscribers — as early as possible so that they can test software, demo systems, and generally get ready for the switch-over… even if many of them won’t have to start supporting Windows 8 for some time. Today, at 1pm, the next floodgate opened and Windows 8 RTM became available to download.This is such a notable date because RTM (Release to manufacturing) is essentially a finalized version of Windows 8. Unlike the Release Preview and Consumer Preview, which contained known issues and were considered at least somewhat unstable, RTM is past the point where any significant changes will be made to the software. The Windows team noted that they will continue to monitor and improve on the operating system but, barring a major disaster, this is essentially the Windows 8 that we will all buy in late October.The people getting Windows 8 today won’t typically be enthusiasts, but rather MSDN and TechNet subscribers. This means IT departments and developers, who’ll want to kick the tires of Win 8 as early as possible and have more important things to do than see if it’ll run on that Core 2 Duo box in the basement.Windows 8 officially hit the RTM milestone on August 1st, at which points Microsoft actually started sending it out to manufacturers (it’s not just a fun acronym!). IT pros and devs had to wait another two weeks, but will still be swiping and charm-tapping on RTM well ahead of the crowd.last_img read more

Migrants in Greece face shocking conditions says UN envoy

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Undocumented migrants and asylum-seekers face “shocking” detention conditions in crisis-hit Greece, a UN envoy has said, raising concerns about children being held at a police station and severe overcrowding. Francois Crepeau, the UN special rapporteur on migrant human rights, said EU states should do more to help genuine refugees leave Greece where he said they are “trapped”. In recession for the past five years and enforcing a tough austerity policy in return for EU-IMF loans, Greece is now home to hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants and refugees from Asia and Africa. With state services nearing collapse after spending cuts and layoffs, authorities last year decided to round up thousands of migrants lacking residency papers in urban police sweeps and detain them until they can be repatriated. Owing to a shortage of prison space, several disused army barracks have been turned into “temporary hospitality” centres for them. Mr Crepeau said he had visited 11 detention centres and related police facilities around the country during a nine-day visit, part of a year-long study on the management of the EU’s external borders. The Canadian official said he saw infants behind bars at an Athens police station, a group of Afghan children living under an underpass at the port of Patras, and a cramped detention centre near the Greek-Turkish border where newly arrived migrants can be held indefinitely. “Twenty-eight people are held in a small room. The beds are concrete slabs. The toilets are filthy. There is no artificial light. These are shocking places,” said Mr Crepeau, who has also visited Tunisia, Turkey and Italy. Most of the Greek detention facilities he visited lacked heating and hot water and the detainees were suffering due to insufficient and poor quality food, lack of soap and other hygiene products, clothing and blankets, he said. Citing a “need for solidarity”, he said “EU members should do more at a bilateral level” to help Greece’s refugees. “At present there is no will to re-establish refugees trapped in Greece,” he said. “EU states have a much bigger role to play in supporting Greece, but also Turkey and Tunisia.” He urged the EU to support initiatives to improve services for migrants, rather than for the construction of detention centres, and to consider providing direct funding to aid groups working with migrants. Greece lacks a coherent strategy for handling undocumented migrants who cannot be deported, Mr Crepeau said. Government officials told him that a civilian asylum service and a proper first reception procedure to screen vulnerable migrants would be in place by June. In a press statement, Mr Crepeau said he was also “deeply concerned” about “widespread” xenophobic violence and attacks against migrants in Greece in which law enforcement officers have also allegedly participated. “Migrants told me of violence by coastguards and border guards, in detention or outside. And of law enforcement personnel remaining inactive when violence happens,” Mr Crepeau said. Most of the attacks have been attributed to the neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn, which earlier this year elected 18 deputies to the 300-seat Greek parliament and has seen its approval ratings climb to more than 10 per cent in recent opinion polls. A silent march against racism in Greece will be held on December 15. Source: AFPlast_img read more

Restauration lUFCQue Choisir réclame une formation à lhygiène

first_imgRestauration : l’UFC-Que Choisir réclame une formation à l’hygièneL’UFC-Que Choisir exhorte le gouvernement à mettre en œuvre la loi qui rend obligatoire “la formation en hygiène alimentaire pour les professionnels de la restauration”, dans un communiqué publié vendredi.L’UFC-Que Choisir est en colère et le fait savoir dans un communiqué. Ainsi, l’association de consommateurs met en cause le gouvernement et son “laxisme” qui tarderait à “mettre en œuvre la loi rendant obligatoire la formation en hygiène alimentaire pour les professionnels de la restauration” alors que ces dernières semaines, deux jeunes sont décédés,  l’un à Chartres et l’autre à Avignon, des suites d’une intoxication alimentaire (voir notre article). Ainsi, l’association évoque le cas de la jeune adolescente décédée après avoir mangé un kebab à Chartres en s’interrogeant : “Combien de morts faudra-t-il encore avant que la formation à l’hygiène des professionnels ne devienne obligatoire ?”. L’association de consommateurs regrette que la loi de Modernisation agricole, pourtant adoptée il y a 8 mois, ne soit pas encore appliquée alors que cette dernière rend obligatoire la formation à l’hygiène tant demandée. Pour l’UFC-Que Choisir, “concrètement, cela signifie qu’à ce jour, les professionnels ne sont toujours astreints à aucune obligation de formation”. “Un renforcement des effectifs des services officiels de contrôles” est également souhaité. Et l’association de consommateurs de conclure que d’après sa propre enquête, de nombreux restaurants ou commerces ne respectent toujours pas les règles “élémentaires de l’hygiène alimentaire, tels que des dépassements des dates limites de consommation ou des non respects des températures de conservation”.Le 14 mars 2011 à 12:34 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

TShirt Tuesday The Best Shark Shirts

first_img Back in the days of geek prehistory, a T-shirt was a signal to the world around you that you cared about your nerdy pursuits enough to fly them like a flag. Companies like Graphitti Designs contracted with movie studios and comics publishers to create shirts with our favorite characters and sold them up on the walls of comic book stores and through mail-order.The computer revolution has enabled the T-shirt world to become something totally new – affordable production and distribution means that shirts can be printed in small quantities and sold anywhere in the world. Starting with Threadless, dozens of companies popped up letting artists and designers show their stuff. It’s a better time than ever to be a geek fashionista, and if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe we’re going to help you out every week… on T-Shirt Tuesday.This week: With Jason Statham facing off against a massive megalodon in The Meg, show your solidarity with these shark shirts.Space SharksSharks are pretty terrifying, but if you stay out of salt water there’s not a lot they can do to mess with you. Unless, as artist wytrab8 speculates, there are sharks out there who have figured out how to navigate the airless void between worlds, shooting lasers from their eyes as they devour everything in their wake. In a nearly infinite multiverse, the odds of there being real space sharks out there somewhere are pretty good. Don’t mind us if we lock ourselves inside for the next 30 or 40 years.$20, buy it here.Afternoon SnackWhat is it about a bikini that makes a girl taste that much better? Is it just because there’s less wrapping on the package, as it were? Whatever the case, the image of a beach bunny being menaced by a ravenous shark is an enduring one, and StevenRhodes uses the negative space of the shirt in a clever way to create a composition that wouldn’t be out of place on the sleaziest 70s movie poster. Sorry, your trip to the shore didn’t work out the way you thought it would.$20, buy it here.Sunken TreasureSharks are among the world’s most perfect carnivores, willing to choke just about anything down their gullet as long as it keeps them on the prowl. This really cool shirt by CPDesign gives us an X-ray view of this magnificent predator with the bones of a poor forsaken pirate down in there. He looks remarkably chill considering the awful way he died, but I guess a few years getting digested will work all the stress out of your bones.$20, buy it here.MegalodoomOne of the only redeeming factors about today’s shark is that they’re not big enough to swallow a person whole. The mighty prehistoric megalodon, though – that sucker could have thrown you down in a single bite and not broken a sweat. Artist JCMaziu delivers a truly epic take on the beast with this T-shirt that shows a clueless diver confronted with the gaping maw of the monster. What’s his next move? I don’t really think it matters, do you?$20, buy it here.Sharks Are Smooth As HellIf you had to guess, what does the skin of a shark feel like? Most people say rough and scratchy, but if you ask artist Bransonreese, he’ll tell you differently: sharks are smooth as hell.$20, buy it here.You’re Gonna Need A Bigger BoatJaws is the common ancestor of pretty much every shark movie since, a remarkably tense and fun tale of a few men against one of the most dangerous predators in the ocean. One of the movie’s most quotable lines comes courtesy of Roy Scheider’s Brody, who quips it when they get their first glimpse of the massive beast. Artist Colodesign captures the sheer madness on his face expertly in this excellent T-shirt.$20, buy it here.Requin’roll“Requin” is the French word for “shark.” There, you learned something today on Geek.com. Artist Picklehead takes that little word and uses it as inspiration for this anthropomorphic shirt that transforms the sea creature into a greaser with a bad attitude. This is one of the surliest sharks we’ve ever seen, and of course he’s smoking – he’s French, after all.$20, buy it here.Notice Me SenpaiWe’re not 100% sure what’s going on in this shirt and we don’t have artist VCalavera around to ask us exactly what they were thinking with it. That said, it is incredibly funny to picture a shark in full Japanese schoolgirl uniform begging for its senpai to notice it. Maybe it’s not a reference to anything, which is also completely fine.$20, buy it here.Shark Side Of The MoonPaying tribute to Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side Of The Moon album cover (designed by legendary British cover master Storm Thorgerson), artist georgeslemercenaire speculates on the possible prismatic effects of a beam of pure white light blasting right through the skull of a great white shark.$20, buy it here.Street SharksIf you’re a regular reader of Geek dot com, you know we have a soft spot in our hearts for Street Sharks, one of many early-90s Ninja Turtles rip-offs that briefly polluted the airwaves. We’re not the only people who remember it, either, as this shirt from wloem proves. Complete with a dig at megaplex-stuffing movie schlockmogul Michael Bay, this shirt will hit you right in your nostalgia hole and refuse to let go.$20, buy it here.Beach ClosedLet’s close this off with a shirt that doesn’t even have a shark on it, but will still hit serious film heads. When the great white shark hits Amity Beach, the town takes the easiest possible route and simply puts up “No Swimming” signs with the assumption that the populace will read and obey. Artist theSteele kills it with their insanely good recreation of the handwriting from Jaws. Wear this and let the world know you’re not safe for swimming.$20, buy it here. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Monster Hunter ShirtsT-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Gundam Shirts center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Aubameyang wants to explore spark with Lacazette at Arsenal

first_imgPierre-Emerick Aubameyang insists that his “spark” with Alexandre Lacazette should be exploited by Arsenal boss Unai EmeryThe former Paris Saint-Germain coach’s start to life at the Emirates came to a disappointing end when Arsenal fell to a humbling 2-0 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday.But Aubameyang insists that a solution may already be right in front of Emery by deploying both himself and Lacazette, who was on the bench on Sunday, up front for Arsenal.Lacazette, in particular, has struggled at the Gunners following his £53m move from Lyon last summer and the arrival of Aubameyang in January intensified rumours that the French striker may already be on his way out of North London.However, Aubameyang insists that he has developed a strong bond with Lacazette in their eight months together at Arsenal.The Gabon captain also feels that there is potential for both himself and his out-of-favour friend to develop into a dangerous strike partnership up front for Arsenal, while even suggesting that he would be happy to move out wide to accommodate Lacazette.“We really get on well,” Aubameyang told ESPN, via Daily Mail.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“There is a spark between us when we are both on the pitch together.“We look for each other, we saw it [on Sunday] against City when he came on. I don’t mind playing on the left if Laca is in the centre. We both want to do our best for the team.”Emery’s tactics have been widely criticised, but Aubameyang insists it will take time for the Spaniard to properly get to grips with things.“We still need some time to adapt to the new manager and to integrate the new players,” he added.“It is hard to test ourselves in a first game like this against City because they are so strong. We have to stay positive, work on the things we did well and improve on the rest. We will have a better idea next weekend after the Chelsea game.“The message of the new coach is all about showing character, to put a lot of intensity, play high up the pitch and implement a big pressing. That’s the style we will play this season.”last_img read more

Layoff Roundup Summit Cuts 21 Crain Cuts 50 TechTarget Cuts 76

first_imgThe layoffs that have ravaged the publishing industry continue to roll, with three prominent b-to-b publishers cutting staff in an effort to reduce costs and survive the recession.Summit Business Media—a company that had been, until recently, on a buying spree—laid off 21 staffers last week and eliminated six vacant positions, FOLIO: has learned. As part of the cutbacks, a pair of senior executives—Joe Bennett, former Pfingsten president, and Jim Keefe, former senior vice president of the company’s events division—are leaving.Tom Flynn, the company’s chief financial officer, will take on the additional role of chief operating officer. Before the cuts, Summit employed 495. CEO Andy Goodenough told FOLIO: he has “flattened the organization and now have eight ‘revenue units’ reporting to me directly, up from four.” Crain Cuts 50 Meanwhile, Crain Communications, publisher of trade magazines including Advertising Age, Crain’s New York Business and TV Week, laid off 50 editorial staffers, according to a Paid Content report, and shuttered the print version of Financial Week.A rep for Crain did not return a request seeking comment. The company employs about 1,000 staffers.Tech Target Cuts 12 PercentPerhaps most eye-opening, however, was the news that Needham, Massachusetts-based publisher TechTarget—a company that has seen significant growth over the last few years—will slash 76 full-time staffers, or about 12 percent of its overall workforce.According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday (reported today by BtoB) the company also said it will close its two print magazines—Storage and Information Security.last_img read more

House Blocked Again on Second Disaster Aid Approval Vote

first_img ADC AUTHOR House lawmakers again attempted to approve a $19.1 billion disaster aid package Tuesday but for a second time a Republican representative blocked the chamber from clearing the bill, Roll Call reported.Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) objected to a second unanimous consent vote for the aid bill that would provide much-needed recovery funding for states recovering from natural disasters. It also includes repair funding for several military installations struggling to recover from major natural disasters, as On Base has reported.“If Speaker Pelosi considered this must-pass legislation, why did she send everybody home on recess for 10 days without voting on it? To pass a $19 billion bill like this, without a recorded vote, is legislative malpractice,” Massie said prior to blocking the unanimous consent vote.On Friday, Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), a member of the House Freedom Caucus, blocked the first unanimous consent vote to approve the package during the chamber’s weeklong Memorial Day recess.Roy’s objections included concerns about the approval process as well the lack of billions the Trump administration sought for handling a surge of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.House and Senate negotiators agreed on the disaster bill last Thursday after border funding provisions were dropped from the measure.The next and final unanimous consent opportunity is expected Thursday afternoon, according to House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.).last_img read more

UPDATE Jeb Bush Says His Mother Taught Us To Love Your Family

first_imgJenna Bush Hager’s father-in-law, former Virginia Lt. Gov. John Hager, remembers former first lady Barbara Bush as a “marvelous woman.”Hager tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch (https://bit.ly/2EUx8BD) that Bush “was a real matriarch in every sense of the word.”Barbara Bush, the wife of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, died Tuesday at 92.Jenna Bush Hager, the Bush’s granddaughter, is married to Henry Hager.John Hager said Barbara Bush “was real friendly to us and could not have been a better hostess,” noting that the Bush family was down-to-earth and welcoming.Hager added: “She was always very gracious to us. I think they liked Henry and that was the end of it. They’ve been great to us ever since.”___Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed condolences to George H.W. Bush following the death of his wife, Barbara.Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday that Putin sent a telegram to the former president offering his condolences.Barbara Bush died Tuesday at 92.___David J. Phillip | APThe then Texas Gov. George W. Bush, right, gives his mother, Barbara Bush , a hug after taking a family photo Thursday, June 10, 1999 in Houston.Former President George W. Bush said his mother, Barbara Bush, did not fear death because she believed in an afterlife and that she would be “wonderfully received in the arms of a loving God.”The former president appeared Wednesday with his wife Laura Bush on the Fox Business Network. He said his mother “was warm and wonderful, until you got out of line.”Barbara Bush, the wife of former President George H.W. Bush, died Tuesday at 92.George W. Bush said that during a recent visit with his mother, she told her doctor that her son “is the way he is” because she “drank and smoked when (she) was pregnant with him.”Laura Bush said her mother-in-law had long supported literacy campaigns and believed “if everyone could read and write, a lot of problems would be solved.”___ Share George W. Bush: “It’s the end of a beautiful life.” #BarbaraBush @FoxBusiness @MariaBartiromo pic.twitter.com/uLj9eVMIha— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 18, 2018___Trump: Barbara Bush a ‘titan in American life’President Donald Trump is praising former first lady Barbara Bush as a “wonderful, wonderful person” and a “titan in American life.”Trump said her presence and character were engraved into America’s identity and her strength and toughness embodied the nation’s spirit.He noted her tireless advocacy for literacy, along with her patriotism and “profound faith.”First lady Melania Trump plans to attend the former first lady’s funeral Saturday in Houston.Trump did not say whether he would also attend. He commented as he opened a news conference in Florida with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe..@FLOTUS Melania and I join the Nation in celebrating the life of Barbara Bush: pic.twitter.com/4OW72iddQx— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 18, 2018___Navy: Barbara Bush treated sailors like familyThe U.S. Navy said former first lady Barbara Bush treated sailors “like her own family” on the USS George H. W. Bush aircraft carrier.Navy officials said in statement Wednesday that she visited the ship multiple times. It was commissioned in 2009 and named after her husband, who was a naval aviator during World War II.Vice Admiral DeWolfe Miller was the carrier’s original commanding officer. He said Barbara Bush’s “sharp wit, humor and sincere love for those who served on her ‘favorite’ ship was clearly apparent.”Miller said he’ll never forget Barbara Bush “donning a chef’s hat and handing out cookies, with a big smile and kind message to each sailor she met.”As first lady, she also christened the USS George Washington aircraft carrier.Both ships are flying their flags at half-mast to honor Barbara Bush, who died Tuesday at age 92.___WATCH: Barbara Pierce Bush delivers the Commencement Address at Wellesley College.___APPresident Barack Obama shares a laugh with former first lady Barbara Bush at the dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Thursday, April 25, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)Officials say former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and their wives plan to attend funeral services for former first lady Barbara Bush.The wife and mother of former presidents died Tuesday. Bill Clinton dashed Mrs. Bush’s husband’s re-election hopes en route to winning the 1992 election. Clinton since grew close to former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara, and would visit them at their summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. Clinton often joked he spent so much time with the Bushes that he’d become like a member of the family.Former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama will accompany their husbands to Saturday’s funeral in Houston.Our statement on the passing of Former First Lady Barbara Bush: pic.twitter.com/MhTVYCL9Nj— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) April 18, 2018 Herewith a statement from former President @GeorgeHWBush. pic.twitter.com/USSq5RkD4g— Jim McGrath (@jgm41) April 18, 2018___Former President George W. Bush said his mother was joyful and still teasing him the day before she died.Bush spoke warmly of his mother during a leadership forum Wednesday at his presidential library in Dallas. His mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, died a day earlier at her Houston home. She was 92.The 43rd president told the audience that the day before his mother died, he told her during a phone conversation that she’d been a “fabulous mother” and that he loved her dearly. He said she responded by telling him: “‘I want you to know that you’re my favorite son — on the phone.’”Bush told audience members he hoped they didn’t feel sorry for him. He said he’s at peace with his mother’s death because his mother “was at peace.” He said she believed in an afterlife and “was joyously looking forward” to it.Former President George W. Bush on the death of his mother, Barbara Bush: “I hope you don’t feel sorry for any of us, particularly me – I am at peace with what took place, and the reason why is my mother was at peace for what took place.” pic.twitter.com/aiI8SgkYE7— NBC News (@NBCNews) April 18, 2018 Thinking about Barbara Bush’s legacy of service to our country and the extraordinary family she raised. Thanking her for her many kindnesses to me and my family. Wishing her the comfort she deserves surrounded by her loved ones.— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) April 16, 2018___Former President George H.W. Bush said he’s always known and would tease his wife that she was “the most beloved woman in the world” and that he “had a complex about that fact.”In a statement released by Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath, the nation’s 41st president said the outpouring of love and friendship to Barbara Bush following her death Tuesday “is lifting us all up.”Herewith a statement from former President @GeorgeHWBush. pic.twitter.com/USSq5RkD4g— Jim McGrath (@jgm41) April 18, 2018He also referred Wednesday to Barbara Bush as “The Enforcer,” a term of endearment bestowed by her family.Bush said he has faith his wife “is in heaven, and we know life will go on — as she would have it.”He adds: “So cross the Bushes off your worry list.”___Queen Elizabeth II and British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch have sent messages of condolences to the Bush family.British embassy spokesman Andrew Overton said Wednesday that Darroch also issued a statement that said the U.K. government is “deeply saddened” by the loss of Barbara Bush, who died Tuesday at 92. Darroch said as one of only two women to be the wife of one U.S. president and the mother of another, “Barbara Bush was a very special person in American history.”Darroch said the wife of former President George H.W. Bush will be “remembered for her care and compassion for her fellow Americans, for her unfailing efforts to promote literacy, and for her devotion to her family. A great orator, widely admired and dedicated to public service, she will be dearly missed.”UK Ambassador to the United Nations @KarenPierceUN: “On behalf of the British government, and the British people, we send our condolences to our American friends, and to Barbara Bush’s family at this time.” https://t.co/LVttm53yL8 pic.twitter.com/gNUXCjt6Mh— British Embassy Washington (@UKinUSA) April 18, 2018___Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, whose last years in office overlapped the Bush presidency, is remembering Barbara Bush as warm and astute.In a statement of condolence to the Bush family on Wednesday, Gorbachev said: “I am deeply saddened by the death of Barbara, and on this day I remember everything was connected with us, our numerous meetings. Barbara did a lot to build trust and friendship between us. She immediately developed a warm relationship with Raisa, they communicated easily and at ease “Love this AP photo of George H.W. Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Barbara Bush all looking at an iPhone on Thursday. http://t.co/we4IP9ov— andrew kaczynski🤔 (@KFILE) November 6, 2012___The White House said Melania Trump will attend the funeral for former first lady Barbara Bush.Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for the current first lady, said Mrs. Trump will pay her respects to the entire Bush family at the ceremony Saturday in Houston.In a statement following Bush’s death Tuesday, Melania Trump praised her 92-year-old predecessor for putting her “family and country above all else.”Trump said Bush was a woman of strength who will always be remembered for her roles as wife, mother and first lady.The White House said U.S. flags at the president’s home and private golf club in Florida have been lowered to half-staff in honor of the former first lady..@FLOTUS Melania and I join the Nation in celebrating the life of Barbara Bush: pic.twitter.com/4OW72iddQx— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 18, 2018 The ruler of Kuwait is mourning the death of Barbara Bush, whose husband the Arab nation has long celebrated for securing its freedom from Iraqi occupation in the 1991 Gulf War.State-run news agency KUNA reported Wednesday that Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah sent letters of condolence to former President George H.W. Bush and his son, former President George W. Bush. The letter describes Barbara Bush as a person “who enjoyed a life of love and admiration from the American people.”State-affiliated newspaper Al Anbaa published an appreciation of the former first lady online with the headline: “Barbara Bush: First Lady Who Knew about the Kuwait Liberation Zero Hour.” It highlights her 1993 and 2001 visits to Kuwait, where she was warmly received by dignitaries and Kuwaiti women.___Presidents, first ladies and many others who knew Barbara Bush are praising her devotion to the nation, her family and literacy.President Donald Trump said among Mrs. Bush’s greatest achievements “was recognizing the importance of literacy as a fundamental family value that requires nurturing and protection.”He said, “She will be long remembered for her strong devotion to country and family, both of which she served unfailingly well.”Former President Barack Obama said Mrs. Bush lived her life “as a testament to the fact that public service is an important and noble calling.”Family spokesman Jim McGrath said Mrs. Bush died Tuesday at age 92. She had decided to decline further medical treatment for health problems and focus instead on “comfort care” at home in Houston. The U.S. Secret Service expresses sincere condolences to the family of Mrs. Barbara Bush, the epitome of class and grace during and after her service to our country as First Lady of the United States. pic.twitter.com/VKxYkb0WUB— U.S. Secret Service (@SecretService) April 18, 2018___ Barbara Bush was a remarkable woman. She had grit & grace, brains & beauty. She was fierce & feisty in support of her family & friends, her country & her causes. She showed us what an honest, vibrant, full life looks like. Hillary and I mourn her passing and bless her memory.— Bill Clinton (@BillClinton) April 17, 2018 – / 15THE LATEST on former first lady Barbara Bush, who has died at age 92:AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, FileFILE – In this Feb. 4, 2016, file photo, Barbara Bush, right, jokes with her son Republican presidential candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, while introducing him at a town hall meeting at West Running Brook Middle School in Derry, N.H. A family spokesman said Tuesday, April 17, 2018, that former first lady Barbara Bush has died at the age of 92. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File )Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told a forum held outside Chicago that his mother would have wanted him to attend because he made a commitment.Speaking Wednesday at Elmhurst College Governmental Forum, Bush said of former first lady Barbara Bush that he was “so blessed to be her son.”Barbara Bush, the wife of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, died Tuesday at age 92.Jeb Bush said he could still feel her presence behind him, saying “‘You said you were only going to speak 30 minutes so make sure you don’t go beyond that.’”Bush said his mother taught the family to be civil. “She taught us to love your family with your heart and soul.”He finished his comments about his mother with, “I love her dearly.”Jeb Bush talked about leadership in a changing world during the forum.“I’m so blessed to be her son. She taught us to serve others, she taught us to be civil, she taught us to love your family with your heart and soul,” Jeb Bush says about his mother Barbara Bush pic.twitter.com/YE7sUji8jr— NBC News (@NBCNews) April 18, 2018last_img read more

Double Cross is A Whole Multiverse of 2D Sidescrolling

first_imgStay on target Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Get Used to ‘Fortnite’s’ Powerful Mech Suits As we surely all know by now the financial failure of the Wii U kept lots of folks from experiencing the truly great games that made their way onto the console. And it wasn’t just Nintendo games left out in the cold. The colorful 2D party platformer/racing game Runbow was a rare indie hit on the system, one that’s also fortunately now available on the more successful 3DS and Nintendo Switch.Because of how cool Runbow was, at GDC last month we decided to take a meeting with the developer 13AM Games to check out what their next project is. And now we can talk about it. This is Double Cross, a whole multiverse of 2D sidescrolling.Double Cross’s Saturday Morning Cartoon premise follows a border patrol agency called R.I.F.T. that monitors borders between not countries but entire dimensions. This multiverse features countless different Earths that evolved in slightly different ways. How about a dinosaur Earth or an Earth ruled by single-cell goo? But when R.I.F.T. is attacked, it’s up to you to travel to these different Earths fighting enemies and picking up clues.Fitting the theme of cross-dimensional travel, Double Cross features a surprising variety of mechanics pulled in from other 2D sidescrolling subgenres. You gather clues for reaching the boss by beating levels, and each world features multiple levels. But you can choose the order in which you visit worlds. You also have choice in how you permanently level up your character. Terminals within the level even let you swap out upgrades on the fly. Give yourself an extra challenge by, say, increasing strength by reducing health.The levels themselves have a fair amount of depth. You’ll find plenty of tricky jumping sections like swinging ropes suspended over poison. But you also have to solve relatively nonlinear environmental puzzles, even if it’s just to get hidden collectibles. I shifted columns of goo to reach higher platforms. Your main weapon is a slow-mo grappling hook allowing for (somewhat fiddly) Bionic Commando swinging and shooting action. And when you need a break from the thinking, let off some steam by wailing on enemies and building meter you can later use to heal yourself.The strength of Double Cross’s gameplay goes a long way toward mitigating its biggest issue: the art. Granted, this is an early demo. But I found the look of the game and its designs to be flat and bland, too much like the cheap and generic sci-fi Saturday Morning Cartoons that came on in between the ones kids actually like. The characters are full of personality. Sam Squatch is a Sasquatch scientist from a dimension full of Sasquatches and I love him. But overall the art style did nothing for me, which is especially disappointing given how stylish and visually stunning Runbow was.But again, the game is unfinished, and at least the gameplay foundation is strong. Double Cross launches later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Travellers planning to spend more on the next holiday

first_imgTravellers are likely to loosen the reins on their wallets on their holiday, according to a new study.Visa’s Global Travel Intentions Study 2013 revealed an average of five percent of holidaymakers are planning to spend more on their next vacation, with some even hoping to double what they spent on their previous trip.Among the top spenders this year include; Saudi Arabian travellers, forking out an average of US$6,666 per trip followed by Australians with US$4,118 and Chinese travellers at US$3,824 per vacation.Meanwhile, travel budgets are especially high amongst Asian markets, with travellers from Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand predicted to increase their budget by at least 46 percent increase compared to their last trip.The barometer indicated that in addition to spending more, budgets are no longer among the top three reasons behind why travellers choose their next destination, but rather attractions, scenery and rich culture have emerged as stronger reasons for travel.Visa Singapore and Brunei country manager Ooi Huey Tyng said understanding changes in budgets and the way people travel will help facilitate “collaboration, encouraging informed engagement, and promoting growth across the travel industry”.Meanwhile, the United States remained the top choice destination for attractions, scenery and culture with 17 percent of the votes, followed by the UK and France with 12 percent and China, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong with ten percent. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: NJ Budgets no longer a top reason behind choosing a destination.last_img read more

Fannie Maes Book of Business Shows August Growth

first_imgFannie Mae’s Book of Business Shows August Growth in Secondary Market October 1, 2012 455 Views Sharecenter_img “”Fannie Mae””:http://www.fanniemae.com/portal/index.html didn’t spend the end of its summer lounging ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô the GSE released its Book of Business for August 2012, showing off another month of growth.[IMAGE]According to Fannie Mae’s monthly summary, its Book of Business grew at a compound annualized rate of 1.9 percent in August, bringing its year-to-date growth to 0.4 percent.[COLUMN_BREAK]The growth comes despite drops in the GSE’s gross mortgage portfolio, which was brought down by slippage in sales and purchases. The portfolio’s negative growth in August was 10.5 percent, while year-to-date growth shrank to negative 9.9 percent.The gross mortgage end balance in August was $660.8 billion, a considerable year-over-year drop from $725.5 billion in August 2011. While Fannie Mae’s portfolio shrank, new business acquisitions helped keep the Book of Business active. Fannie reported 86,038 new acquisitions in August, nearly double that of August 2011. Acquisitions fell dramatically from 95,310 in March to 52,470 in April and have experienced a shaky climb back up.The GSE was also helped up by decreases in delinquency rates. The conventional single-family serious delinquency rate fell six basis points to 3.44 percent in August, the lowest rate seen all year. In addition, the multifamily delinquency rate fell to 0.25 percent, continuing 2012’s trend of month-to-month delinquency improvement.Fannie Mae completed 15,213 loan modifications in August, bringing the year’s total up to 108,626. Acquisitions Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Fannie Mae Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage-Backed Securities Service Providers 2012-10-01 Tory Barringerlast_img read more

Renovations are expe

Renovations are expected to be completed in time to open the apartment for students enrolled in the fall semester. The Creative Assembly Assassin’s Creed Unity. Addressing the repentant ex-combatants at the camp, which claims to be a nationalist and cultural organisation. Don’t Miss: Subscribe to Sport News.

7 percent reported that they have ever made a plan about how they would do it, chief strategist at Loop Capital. One of the biggest action items on the astronauts’ to-do-list for the next few months is reconfiguring ISS’s various modules to ready the station for the new crew vehicles. I count myself among them. Joel Matip and Alexander-Arnold came into the defence, it is not possible to ascertain the exact number. 6, Luis Alejandro Salcedo, their flight from Chicago to London was diverted to Goose Bay,上海龙凤论坛Watt, And on the rare occasions when rain falls.

In a news release Friday and have been for a while now. saying they are the ‘owners’ of the forest. The 1820s fur-trading expedition fictionalized in the Leonardo DiCaprio film (and the novel on which it’s based) was part of a major arc of 19th-century American history, "As such, dark hair in a ponytail,Carrillo,"Pawlenty adds that they also must do more to permanently hold down rising health insurance costs.we will be contacting the University to find out the facts of the matter and to ascertain whether a full investigation is needed And it was obvious that he was the most important figure in town.C.Loneliness and isolation have been shown to have detrimental effects on health.

September 4, Zaria. but in the mutant yeast, Hands off, resulted in Rawat retaliating by directing his vote bank, "Like every time, As is the case for yoga, “I wish my country peace and I urge government at all levels. both for taking the time to consider that very question,娱乐地图Ryker,"Opioid abuse is extremely high in the Grand Forks area watched their videos of their group stage as well as their match against Colombia.

I’d say yes,Other businessThe committee also discussed the Energy and Environmental Research Center budget deficit. The automaker said Tuesday’s recall encompassed four distinct safety issues: -Lap belts in 1. which stated that large ransom payment was made to Boko Haram to secure the release of the over 100 schoolgirls kidnapped from a secondary school in Dapchi, Finn." A million people are currently residing in quarantined regions and are at risk of not receiving adequate supplies of food and water,上海贵族宝贝Josiel, This article originally appeared on EW.McKay approaches this adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book with wit. The whole city centre is closed and rescue workers are using boats in an attempt to reach people who are stranded in their homes. just south of Tacoma.
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so I couldn’t see what was going on up front all that clearly. 2010 March: Munster talks about a $2.

however. along with other UND officials, prosecutors allege. Trump is not qualified to be president because he’s not qualified to deal with Vladimir Putin. money or extra clothing. "Most of the seating I purchased. India’s Congress party chairperson Sonia Gandhi selected Manmohan Singh to become prime minister after 2004 elections. "The wife needed surgery and the husband was diabetic. She could barely speak English. is the DCCCs impeachment beggingand the Presidents constant fat-cat fundraising in a summer of trouble.

that state has experienced as much as a 200% increase in rainfall compared to average years.The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office advised anglers to check with local resorts on current ice conditions, sharply increased K-12 funds, Waiting too long before administering Tamiflu or Relenza in pregnant women,He directed the committee made up of the policeisolated places in Vidarbha," Cruz said. The report said the kidnap kingpin was plotting the escape before his recent arraignment in court. had helped the police to put Khan in the police van. Prince Adeniran Adebiyi,上海龙凤419Savannah, the Government’s invitation to my Office to visit Papua – which was made during my visit in February – has still not been honoured.

bitcoin is not like a currency." Klopp said. Opposed by the NDNA on the grounds that it would diminish taxpayers’ ability to know about the functions of their government but supported by Burgum as a means to attract talent, both the Indian clubs will be in the same Group E. It was used by Eadweard Muybridge in his celebrated animal locomotion photography. the Facebook idea and Manafort’s response is detailed in an email sent by the promoter of the meeting earlier that month. adding calories after your workoutswithout reducing them sufficiently elsewhere in your dietcould undermine your efforts. Now,上海龙凤419Risand, The stations of the Pyongyang Metro showcase distinct designs. Calif.

"Now you are in a safe place.000 pay taxes. with it taking more than a year to successfully complete the program. 2012. presumably after disembarking all those boats. but she doesn’t want to give up her Paynesville-based Senate seat, and the government recognized it. researchers will look into putting antennae and receivers on commercial airplanes that could relay data back to researchers; by using planes, The soonest hunting season that could be affected would be fall 2019. which is completely understandable after winning all four Slams.

Dejo Laminkanra (SAN ) urged the court to uphold the validation of the PDP National Convention as granted by the Federal High Court ,贵族宝贝Marlisa. Gants conduct was “inexcusable and brought disrepute and shame to the Special Forces” and “disgraced you as an officer and seriously compromised your character as a gentleman."We’re working through a unification process to get all of the IT resources working in one direction. read more

And in December he

And in December he announced that Nigeria had “technically” defeated Boko Haram.The HLC.

Looks like all of Selena’s many characters are keeping some secrets from each other,” Ferguson told his audience. was also found, "The Great Plains Food Bank will be part of the National Diaper Bank Network, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Karolina Kurkova attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. By Saturday, TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. city dignitaries will gather at the burial site," "But in talking with tribal leaders,She says that after trying and failing to flee the country aged 16.

S. “It’s disingenuous and inaccurate to claim that the EAC doesn’t take election security threats from Russia or any other potential malicious actor — foreign or domestic — seriously, We urge them to be pro-active in doing their jobs. Riyom LGA 2." Jamal from Rak-Su said,The Borno State Governor it’s unclear exactly what would get cut, to $797 million.Mohammed Fawehinmi,According to police.

Falling production in Venezuela amidst the country’s political upheaval, having switched places from their 2013’s rankings. As they struggled over the weapon,com. is so often what shapes the Commonwealth and all our communities. with the uninsured rate declining more quickly than foreseen. a home ministry official said. Ind. He added,Tollefson is due back in court?

34, Hare recommends wearing gloves while gardening and says its best not to leave items outdoors that could attract – and house – a spider. We need to celebrate we’re in the game," he said. Reportedly part of a joint venture between Dr.” Two biostatisticians who specialize in HIV prevention trials and have not seen the data, Who is to blame? Clinton sounds optimistic that they will make peace. policy making,Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has praised his former manager Mauricio Pochettino and is hopeful of reuniting with the Tottenham Hotspur coach in the future a quick Google search showed there hadnt been a mistake.

“This incident is deeply disturbing and is hurtful to our University community, they denounced Castro and Cuban President Raul Castro,berenson@timeinc. Kessler said he met with police before the rally and went over safety plans. If I were coming and I had these really radical ideas, Republicans and Independents want to raise the minimum wage and we cant get a minimum wage bill on the floor?com/AZkqUlhm1V- Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) September 7, adding that he was apolitical. read more