Watch Members Of moe., String Cheese, Biscuits, Big G & More Team Up For Improvisational Jam

first_imgIn addition to all of the incredible music and adventures, Summer Camp Music Festival offers attendees an opportunity to help make the world a better place…to Make A Difference. Each year the festival sponsors the Make A Difference program, helping to draw attention to the various good works being done through unique music experiences.This year, the festival offered an exclusive Make A Difference set with a twist… you had to earn your way in. Tickets were given out for participation in cleaning and recycling programs, and various other greening endeavors. There’s nothing like an incredible musical event to get people to make the world a better place. Seriously, what a reward!The Everyone Orchestra is the brainchild of Matt Butler, fulfilling his vision to bring musicians together to create wholly unique songs on the spot. The Summer Camp edition featured Al Schnier from moe., Kyle Hollingsworth of String Cheese Incident, Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits, Jennifer Hartswick of T.A.B., Tom Hamilton of American Babies and Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Jeremy Salken of Big Gigantic, Mimi Naja of Fruition, Daniel Lamb of March Fourth!, Nicholas Gerlatch and Chris Gelbuda of Van Ghost. With that kind of firepower at his fingertips, Butler was sure to blow minds while rewarding those who took the time to win their way into the show.Our own Rex Thomson was on hand to film the opening number, which not only rocked the house but pain homage to the Make A Difference initiative in song. Enjoy!last_img read more

Wall Street Club to host internship forum

first_imgMany Notre Dame students go from campus to Wall Street each year, but this week, Wall Street is coming to campus. The Notre Dame Wall Street Club is hosting a forum Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Jordan Auditorium of the Mendoza College of Business to introduce students to the variety of careers available on Wall Street.  The event is open to all students, but sophomores and juniors who are looking for internships on Wall Street are especially encouraged to attend, club co-president Nicole Gantz said.  Seniors Nicole Gantz, Jenny Walsh and Denver Lobo are co-presidents of the club and worked to organize the Wall Street Forum.  The event will feature panelists from large investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, CitiBank, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan.  Lobo said through this forum, the club hopes to expose students to a range of careers available on Wall Street. “A lot of people have a misconception that Wall Street is only for investment banking, but there are actually a variety of other careers on the Street” Lobo said. “Our focus is to inform students about these different careers, whether they be in investment banking, sales and trading, asset management, hedge funds or private equity.”  The Wall Street Forum is one in a series of events the club will sponsor this year. Working closely with the Investment Office and the Career Center, the Wall Street Club will host mentoring sessions, interview workshops, business lectures and other networking opportunities for students throughout the year, Gantz said. Lobo said such events are designed to prepare club members for the job search process. “The point of these events is for students to learn how to network and get the exposure and practice of talking to potential employers,” Lobo said. “The club hopes to get students internships and full-time positions on Wall Street.” The Wall Street Club, founded in 2010, also pairs underclassmen with senior student-mentors who have completed internships on Wall Street, Gantz said. “We have 30 senior mentors that are paired with freshmen and sophomores so that they have someone as a frame of contact who has actually done a successful internship on Wall Street,” Lobo said.  The club also connects students with young Notre Dame alumni working on Wall Street, Gantz said. “Our database is a good resource for students to use to reach out to alumni working on Wall Street and get their questions answered,” said Gantz. “It’s a great way to engage alumni who are currently in Wall Street positions.” The Wall Street Club hopes to involve more students in its activities this school year, Gantz said. “Our primary initiative this year is to bring in as many underclassmen as possible,” Gantz said. “The business school is bringing in a lot of undergraduate students and we want them to be aware of the club early on in their college careers.” The club’s officers are also interested in having more non-business majors join the club. “Increasingly, economics, engineering and science students are in demand on Wall Street,” Lobo said. “We see that it’s a big trend.”  Gantz said the club is not only for those who are certain about a career on Wall Street.  “For those looking to get involved, you don’t have to be absolutely sure you want to work on Wall Street,” she said. “Come learn about the club and make your decision from there.”last_img read more

State Thruway Leaders Hope To Have Cashless Tolling Installed By Months End

first_imgImage by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.ALBANY – The New York State Thruway will soon be going cashless; however, the state’s Thruway Authority still doesn’t have a specific date for when the rollout will be complete.Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the project in 2018, with hopes it would reduce congestion along the state’s 570-mile transportation system.Thruway Authority Executive Director Matthew Driscoll is urging anyone who does not yet have an E-ZPass to get one soon to save time and money.“It’ll afford you the ability to not receive a bill in the mail. And again, it’s just really the most efficient, effective and cost-effective way to travel, so I would really urge motorists to get an E-ZPass,” Driscoll said. “As far as the Thruway Authority and our ability to take pictures of any plates, including those that are peeling, these cameras on this new system have the highest and best resolution anywhere. We don’t see that as an issue. We’ve been testing already. We’ve not spotted any issue, so I don’t think it’s an issue at all for the Thruway Authority.” Driscoll says a lot of work to get all of the cashless toll lanes installed continues, however, he hopes to have everything complete by the end of the month.“We’re in the midst of testing each and every one of those sites specifically, as well as the system as a whole,” explained Driscoll.He says so far 70 gantries have been installed at 58 locations across the state.“On those gantries are a series of equipment, cameras, laser beams, treadles embedded in the road. All of those have a separate function in terms of measuring the height of a vehicle counting the axles of a vehicle, taking pictures of the license plates, and so forth, so each element of those gantries is tested individually, and then as a whole,” Driscoll said.After cashless tolling goes live, the toll booths will begin to be removed.However, Driscoll says that’s not expected to be completed until late summer of 2021. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Deer collisions

first_imgFall is prime breeding season for deer across Georgia. It’s also when drivers are more likely to hit deer that run into the road, according to a new study from the University of Georgia.UGA researchers have completed a county-by-county analysis of when motorists should be more aware of possibly hitting a deer. They looked at breeding data and then compared it to deer-vehicle collision statistics across Georgia.According to the study, between 2005 and 2012, there were 45,811 reported deer-vehicle collisions across all Georgia counties. Deer-vehicle collisions increase during “rutting season” because white-tailed deer move around a lot more looking for mates, according to James Stickles, lead researcher on the project. Stickles, who led the study while earning his master’s degree from UGA’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, said researchers were able to create a map that more accurately reflects when motorists are in greater danger of hitting a deer. The new map lists specific peak dates for each of Georgia’s 159 counties.“Now we can warn drivers in a more relevant timeframe than in the past,” said Stickles, who is now assistant deer coordinator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “Depending on your location in Georgia, peak rut may occur anywhere from October to December,” he said. “By knowing deer movement dates in specific areas, email blasts and other warnings to be more vigilant of deer can be distributed before, and during, times when deer-vehicle collisions are most likely to occur.” “Deer are rarely alone,” he said. “If a motorist sees one deer, look for the second one. In many instances, it’s the second deer that crosses the road that gets hit.” Other researchers on this project include David Stone, Charles Evans, Karl Miller and David Osborn, all with the Warnell School; and Charlie Killmaster from the Georgia DNR. The project was funded by the Georgia DOT. The map can be found online and downloaded at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ website, www.georgiawildlife.com/rut-map.“Using Deer-vehicle Collisions to Map White-Tailed Deer Breeding Activity in Georgia” can be found online at http://www.seafwa.org/html/journals/pdf/30%20Stickles%20et%20al%20202-207.pdf. For example, the peak time when deer are on the move in Clarke County, where UGA is located, is Nov. 10-16.Recently published in the Journal of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the study analyzed deer-vehicle collisions from 2005 to 2012 and then compared the timing of those wrecks with available conception data, deer movement information obtained from deer wearing GPS collars in Harris County and the old “rut map” from Georgia Outdoor News. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is using the new map created by UGA to inform hunters of peak rut dates. The Georgia DOT is considering using the map to develop specific motorist warnings for each region. But there are things motorists should do to avoid hitting a deer, said Bob Warren, a professor in the Warnell School and one of the researchers on the study.Deer are mostly active from dusk to dawn, Warren said, so that’s when the risk of a deer-vehicle collision is greater. “Any motorist driving at night needs to be especially cautious because deer will be more active during nighttime periods,” he said. “This is why most deer-vehicle collisions occur early in the morning or late in the evening, because that’s when deer and motorists are both most active.”When Warren drives at night, he’s diligent about driving at a cautious speed and scanning both sides of the road because a deer can come from either direction. But he also warned that typically, it’s not the first deer that’s the problem.last_img read more

‘We’re Simply in Survival Mode’

first_img‘We’re Simply in Survival Mode’ FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Jeff Brady for NPR:“Right now I think we’re simply in a survival mode,” says Luke Popovich, vice president for external communications at the National Mining Association.In part he blames environmental regulations over the decades. But the coal industry’s problems go beyond that. Despite falling demand here in the U.S., the industry thought global demand would continue to rise. Popovich says coal companies borrowed a lot of money to prepare for that new business, but it never came.“Now they’re faced with paying off those debts at the same time that prices for all fossil fuels — not just coal but natural gas and oil — have virtually collapsed,” Popovich says.Coal’s problems don’t stop there. The renewable energy building boom also is stressing the industry. Once solar and wind projects are built, the power is cheap to produce.“Gas puts the immediate threat to coal, but the combination of gas and renewables places a longer-term threat to coal,” says Andy Roberts, analyst in international thermal coal markets for the consulting firm Wood Mackenzie.He says last year was tough for coal companies, and the future likely will be even more painful.Full article/clip: From The Ashes Of Some Coal Plants, New Energy Riseslast_img read more

Operation Martillo: U.S. Coast Guard offloads US$23M of cocaine

first_imgBy Dialogo March 18, 2014 MIAMI, U.S.A. – Crewmembers aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Tampa recently offloaded about 680 kilograms of cocaine with a wholesale value of US$23 million seized as part of Operation Martillo. The cocaine was seized on March 12, when the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Tampa saw a suspicious, go-fast boat moving swiftly across the Caribbean Sea. With a Customs and Border Patrol Maritime Patrol aircraft providing assistance, the Tampa’s helicopter pursued the vessel, firing warning shots to make it stop. Coast Guard agents found 695 packages of cocaine stashed inside the boat’s hull. The cocaine was offloaded in the city of St. Petersburg in the U.S. state of Florida on March 17. “This seizure highlights the hard work and dedication of our crews in stopping the illegal flow of drugs in the Caribbean,” said Cmdr. Clinton Carlson, the Coast Guard Cutter Tampa’s commanding officer. “This interdiction demonstrates the effectiveness of our federal and interdiction partnerships to keep dangerous drugs off our streets.” The bust was part of Operation Martillo, a multinational effort that also includes Canada, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, and the United Kingdom. It strives to disrupt transnational criminal organizations by limiting their ability to use Central America as a transit zone. Between the launch of Operation Martillo in January 2012 and the end of January 2014, the effort confiscated 278,611 kilograms of cocaine and 27,556 kilograms of marijuana during its 444 events that led to 620 arrests and 205 seized vessels. Operation Martillo has removed more than US$5.6 billion in narcotics and equipment from the global drug trade. The key to Operation Martillo’s success has been countries working together toward a common goal: to curtail narco-trafficking and the violence it brings. More than 67% of all seizures involve partner nation assistance or support. Operation Martillo partners recently agreed to continue to address regional transnational criminal threats, improve communication and information sharing, and remain firmly committed to denying Transnational Criminal Organizations the air and maritime access needed to move their illicit cargo. The latest bust comes in the wake of the U.S. Navy’s announcement on Jan. 13 that it had seized 313 kilograms of cocaine in the eastern Pacific in late December. The USS Rentz launched a helicopter that caught a go-fast boat carrying the shipment, which was worth an estimated US$10.4 million. Three suspects were arrested in connection with the seizure and handed over to Ecuadoran authorities. The Rentz’ bust was its fourth in recent months, as it has confiscated about 3,000 kilograms of cocaine.last_img read more

As many as 43 catering facilities were opened in Dubrovnik in December

first_imgYou know that feeling, you come out of season and some destination and it’s all closed, there is a cafe and a restaurant? There is certainly no such thing in Dubrovnik, at least not in December.In addition to the extension of the season, the rich program of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival and the diverse gastronomic offer at Advent houses, during the month of December in Dubrovnik you can enjoy a total of 43 open catering facilities in the city of Dubrovnik.Given the increase in the number of international and domestic flights during the winter months and the interest and growth in the number of visitors, the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik in cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik has printed a new information leaflet “Winter restaurants“, Which contains a list of open restaurants, pizzerias and fast food restaurants during the month of December with special working hours.You can download the information leaflet on the website of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board (https://bit.ly/2Su2QNr)  and in the Information Offices of the Tourist Board in Pile, in Gruž and in Lapadski Dvori.Attachment: FLYER WITH LIST OF RESTAURANTS / WINTER RESTAURANS DUBROVNIKThis cooperation is extremely important, because the effort in organizing events and manifestations, as well as the added investment in the best possible air connection falls into the water if the destination does not breathe “full lungs” and is not alive. Otherwise, we can invest a lot of effort and money, bring tourists, and if in the city they have nothing to see and experience, everything is deserted, closed and “dead”, then we get a negative perception. We lose guests, we throw effort, money and time into the wind and we get bad publicity. Better that we did nothing than get bad publicity and a recommendation.Also, with this kind of promotion, we additionally give importance to those caterers who work throughout the year, we encourage sales and we additionally promote them. Because if the whole story is not complete, and if the catering facilities do not benefit, and that means profit, then the whole story will fall into the water. So in the case of hotels, shops, museums, etc.… a tourist destination is much more than a hotel. Also, we need to be aware that the whole destination has to lose (work and maintain a cold drive, and maybe go in and minus) for at least three years in order to be able to extend the tourist season and create a tourism economy. Who is to blame for the fact that so far we have not developed a longer tourist season in a quality and strategic way, is much harder now. This is a great example of how to manage and develop tourism in synergy with the destination. What should be normal and natural, because tourist destinations are not and should not be an end in themselves. Of course, this is only a small part of the story, and we can certainly add the lower cost of renting terraces for restaurants and other financial relief, provide them with some of the target groups evenly, etc.… everything is in communication. In order to be able to develop a tourist year, our destinations must be alive.Record tourist eleven months in Dubrovnik In eleven months of 2018, Duborvnik achieved record tourist results. According to the E-visitor tourist check-in and check-out system, excluding nautical data, from 1 January to 30 November 2018, 1 tourists stayed in Dubrovnik, 250% more than in the same period in 614. and 8 overnight stays were realized, 2017% more than the year before. Most guests were from: the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Croatia, Italy, Finland and Canada.In eleven months, there were 670 tourists in hotel accommodation, or 589% more than in 7, while 2017 overnight stays were realized, which is 2% more than last year. There were 162 guests staying in private accommodation, 309% more than in 4, and the number of overnight stays in private accommodation was 433% more than last year. Although air traffic was limited in November due to works at Dubrovnik Airport, excellent results were achieved in tourist traffic. From 1 to 30 November, 34 tourists stayed in Dubrovnik, which is 507% more than in November 28 and 2017 overnight stays, 75% more than last year. The most numerous tourists in November were from the following countries: Croatia, Germany, USA, BiH, other Asian countries, the Republic of Korea, Albania, Japan, the United Kingdom and China.last_img read more

Mourhino raises alarm over Kane’s return date

first_img Mourinho has been asked repeatedly when exactly the England captain might return, but has not been able to be more specific.Advertisement Jose Mourinho has raised the alarming possibility that Harry Kane could miss Euro 2020 and not return to action until next season. Kane had surgery on a hamstring injury on Saturday (pictured) after suffering a ruptured tendon at Southampton on New Year’s Day and Tottenham previously said they expect him to return to training in April. Read Also: Abraham can fill Kane’s boots for Three Lions-LampardBut Mourinho’s comments will concern England boss Gareth Southgate and fans ahead of the summer tournament and losing the man who was the leading scorer in qualifying with 12 goals would be a huge blow ahead of his side’s three group games at Wembley.The Three Lions play their first game of the tournament against Croatia on June 14.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… center_img But the Spurs manager’s throwaway answer ahead of tonight’s FA Cup replay with Middlesbrough implied some doubt over Kane’s participation at the European Championship this summer. ‘News on Harry we don’t have and if you ask me every time we come here the answer will be the same,’ Mourinho said. ‘We expect him to be out until, I don’t know, mid-April, end of April, May, next season I don’t know. I have no updates to give on Harry.’ On Saturday Kane, who has a history of recovering quickly from injuries, tweeted from his hospital bed the operation had been a success. Promoted ContentThis 1982 Movie Is Better Than Any Other Blockbuster Up TodayA Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This DayMesmerizing Wedding Looks From Different Countries9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?11 Greatest Special Effects Movies Of All TimeThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s Hysterical7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The Universe2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Yearlast_img read more

December 23, 2018 Police Blotter

first_imgDecember 23, 2018 Police Blotter122318 Decatur County Jail Report122318 Decatur County Fire Report122318 Decatur Ciounty EMS Report122318 Decatur County La Report122318 Batesville Police Blotterlast_img

Nigeria places second in Africa Deaf Athletics Championships in Kenya

first_imgRelatedPosts Access Bank Plc acquires Kenyan bank 172 Nigerians evacuated from Uganda, Kenya arrive in Abuja Kenyan runner hit by motorcycle, suffers fractured leg The Nigeria Deaf Sports Federation took second after winning eight medals for the country in the maiden Africa Deaf Athletics Championships in Nairobi, Kenya.The federation’s Secretary, Lukman Agbabiaka, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja that Nigeria came second out of 12 countries that participated in the seven days event.Agbabiaka said Nigeria won a total of eight medals comprising two gold, five silver and one bronze at the championships that started on September 16 and ended on September 22 at Moi International Stadium, Kasarani, Nairobi, Kenya.He said: “We commend our athletes for making us proud in the championships.“We are happy that Nigeria placed second with each athlete winning medals which was a good performance.“The host country took first position by winning a total of 54 medals comprising 20 gold, 16 silver and 18 bronze.“We all know that Kenya is always number one whenever they participate in any athletics championships in the continent.“We will work harder to maintain our position in the next edition. We congratulate our athletes for the work well done.”The secretary disclosed that the federation got a loan to be able to send its athletes to participate in the maiden championships.Agbabiaka said: “We were able to send five athletes and a coach to participate in the championships.“We did not want to disappoint these athletes who have been training for long.“We had to go on borrowing pending when we get approval from the government.“Fortunately, one of the former athletes from Lagos, who is now based in the US, was able to assist with flight tickets for two of the athletes.“He also bailed us out on full board hotel accommodation for the whole five athletes and official.“This is to show the level of commitment and determination they have for the development of: ‘Deaf sports.’”The secretary said five athletes comprising of four males and one female participated in the competition.He gave their names as: Nurudeen Badmus, Uche Nwabenu, Temitope Olaniyan, Obinna Egbo and the female athlete, Assurance Omoria.Agbabiaka listed the countries as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Algeria, Uganda, Libya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique, Ghana and the host country Kenya.NAN. Tags: Africa Deaf Athletics ChampionshipsKenyalast_img read more