Sega Model 2 arcade games collection heading to PS3 Xbox

first_imgWhen I was a kid there were still quite a few arcades around full of games you would happily make a trip to play. A lot of those games were made by Sega, and used the Model (1|2|3) boards.You can argue about which generation of Sega’s arcade boards offered the best games, but for me, Model 2 is the sweet spot. That was the board that gave us Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 2, and The House of the Dead among many others.I remember those games looking fantastic and being better than anything I could play at home, unlike today. By today’s standards the hardware Sega used is ancient, though. Model 2 boards used an Intel i960 processor running at 25MHz and managed a resolution of just 496 x 384. Still, the games were great and now Sega has decided to give a selection of them a revival.The video you see above is the first trailer for the Sega Model 2 Collection, which has just been announced for release on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Included in the collection will be Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers, Sonic The Fighters, Virtua Striker, and Virtual On.The games are only confirmed for Japan so far and will be released as individual titles. Hopefully we will see them come to Western territories too, and that Sega offers them as a complete package for a discount price. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Sega add to this collection in the future, and if it’s successful they may decide to do the same for Model 3 games.via Sega Japanlast_img

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