Why Twitter Must Expand Beyond 140 Characters

first_imgTwitter Needs to Expand Beyond 140 Characters to Continue GrowingI’m not minimizing the UX issues that Twitter will face when it expands beyond its core 140 character limit. But I do believe it’s just a matter of time before it widens the character limit. There’s no reason for Twitter to be constrained anymore, especially when the largest Internet using country on earth (China) already accommodates much longer tweets than are possible in English. Of course Twitter is banned in China and can only be used with software that routes around The Great Firewall, but still my point is valid.Twitter is a public real-time messaging service which has gone mainstream. While it needs to keep the essential spirit of short-form messaging going, there are ways to do that in the design without using a character limitation. If Twitter wants to continue its expansion into the mainstream, it needs to lose the 140-character limitation and just market itself as the world’s leading ‘real-time messaging service’. What do you think, will Twitter soon expand beyond 140 characters like TweetDeck did? The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification But that UX paradigm had already been challenged by the gradual increase in multimedia links. Many Twitter users now post links to photos, video, blog posts, Foursquare check-ins, Facebook updates, and much more. Users need to click to see that extra content. When Twitter launched its re-design in March last year, it adjusted to this increase of multimedia by enabling users of Twitter.com (still how the vast majority of people consume Twitter content) to view photos and video within Twitter’s website. It was a relatively small, but significant, step to lessen the burden of viewing multimedia content within Twitter. Third party clients like TweetDeck also allow users to view photos and video in a pop-up box inside the app. TweetDeck offers a similar functionality for Deck.ly messages that are longer than can be contained in a double cell. It pops up a box within the app, meaning that users don’t need to go outside of TweetDeck to view the content. It seems only a matter of time before Twitter enables users to view ‘long tweets’ within Twitter.com, in the same way that users can view videos and photos within the site.Will Twitter Producers Pollute Twitter With Long Tweets?While Twitter is positioning itself these days as more of a media consumption service, with the expectation that many more people read Twitter than write to it, the tone of the service will continue to be set by users who actively tweet. If Twitter drops the 140 character limitation, I think Twitter producers will adjust and only post longer tweets occasionally. Twitter will need to monitor that somehow, but – barring a drastic change in user behavior – Twitter users won’t stop producing short tweets just because long ones become available to them. They’ll use the long tweets sparingly, because they’ve been habituated into doing short tweets.As for new users, Twitter will need to effectively convey in their marketing that Twitter is ideal for short-form real-time messaging. Indeed without a character limitation, Twitter will actually be easier to promote to mainstream users. It will remove an extra barrier for people to start using Twitter.Other Languages Already Send Long Messages on TwitterAnother thing to consider that in some languages other than English, 140 characters allows for much longer updates than English users are used to. In Chinese for example, a 140 character tweet can produce a long message. Noted Chinese artist, human rights activist and Twitter user Ai Weiwei explained in March last year that even though Twitter has a 140-character limit, Twitter users in China can easily express in-depth thoughts because the Chinese language allows Twitter users to express 140 words on Twitter and not just 140 characters.Consider this tweet that Ai Weiwei wrote today. It easily fits in the 140 character limitation in Chinese, but the English translation is about 275 characters over that 140 character limit. Is it the constraint of 140 characters per message that makes Twitter what it is? Or is Twitter now a broader, real-time messaging service that needn’t be constrained by a character limitation?The most prominent third party Twitter client, TweetDeck, recently introduced a “long post” feature called Deck.ly, which brings those questions to the fore. Deck.ly allows Twitter users to post messages longer than the traditional 140 character limit. In this post I’ll argue that Twitter itself will probably soon follow and expand beyond 140 characters. Indeed, it will need to if it’s to continue expanding into the mainstream.TweetDeck’s Deck.ly works as follows: if you post something in TweetDeck that is longer than 140 characters, other TweetDeck users will see the entire message in the app if it is not longer than “can be displayed in a double-height cell.” If it goes over that, TweetDeck users will see a ‘Read More’ link which when clicked, opens a pop-up box within TweetDeck. Meanwhile, in other third party Twitter clients and in the browser on Twitter.com, all Deck.ly messages will display in excerpted form with a link to the full message on a webpage.Twitter No Longer About Constraints This is clearly an experimental feature introduced by TweetDeck – indeed they’re still tweaking it. However I believe it’s a pointer to the future: Twitter will expand its self-imposed character limitation in order to make its service easier to understand for consumers.Real-time public messaging has become a huge trend over the past couple of years. Two services have come to dominate this trend: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook’s status updates are the backbone of its social networking service. But it’s been Twitter that has captured the imagination of media and public figures for real-time messaging. Partly that’s because Facebook is essentially a closed system and so you won’t see CNN or Kanye West’s status updates (for example) unless you’re inside Facebook’s website. However it’s also because Twitter had a limitation of 140 characters right from the start, a figure that made it necessary to compose short, to-the-point status updates. Twitter started out with ‘What are you doing?’ as its incentivizing message for users. In November 2009, it became ‘What’s happening?’. That helped broaden Twitter’s usage from “I’m eating breakfast” type messages to people tweeting about current news events, media they’re consuming, topics they’re interested in, and much more.That Extra Click: The User Experience IssueAs noted, TweetDeck’s new “long post” feature enables users to send messages longer than 140 characters. However there is a significant user experience issue with that, in that it often introduces an extra click for the user. A lot of Twitter’s beauty as a consumer of tweets is that you can scan a bunch of tweets in one go. richard macmanuscenter_img Tags:#twitter#web Related Posts Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

7 Useful Ctrl and Cmd Key Shortcuts in Adobe After Effects

first_imgPaired with the next shortcut, this is a great tip for cycling through a project. Instead of clicking and dragging layers everywhere, use this shortcut to move any layer through your composition.5. Switch Between LayersWindows: Ctrl + ↑ or ↓Mac: Cmd + ↑ or ↓ Constantly using the mouse in After Effects can become annoying. Use these handy shortcuts instead to speed through your next project.After Effects is a powerful creative tool that many people find intimidating. But, as you work more with the software, you’ll realize the value of keyboard shortcutsHere are 7 handy ctrl/cmd key shortcuts that will save you time and ease your workflow.1. Paste Layer at Current TimeWindows: Ctrl + Alt + VMac: Cmd + Option + V Looking for more After Effects tips and tricks? Check these out.Tutorial: Getting Started with Content-Aware Fill in After EffectsAdobe Releases New Content Aware Fill Tool for After Effects5 Ways to Animate with Trim Paths in Adobe After EffectsHow to Create a Mid-’90s DV Camcorder Look in After EffectsHow to Export with Transparency from Adobe After Effects When you normally copy and paste a layer, it’s positioned at the beginning of the composition. With this shortcut, the position of the time indicator will determine the paste location.2. Fit Layer to CompWindows Ctrl + Alt + FMac: Cmd + Option + F Finally, this is a quick way to lock or unlock any clip. If you have a large project with a number of layers you want left alone, highlight them all and use this shortcut to make sure they stay untouched.Learning all of these will take some getting used to, but not only will they improve your workflow, they’ll also free you up to think creatively.Need an easy way to reference these shortcuts? Here’s a roundup of all the shortcuts and their keys. When I’m working in After Effects, I always run into the problem of clicking a layer and accidentally moving it. This shortcut allows you to cycle through every layer and find what you’re looking for. Once you find it, use the previous shortcut to move it up or down among the other layers.6. Scrubbing Through the TimelineWindows: Ctrl + ← or →Mac: Cmd + ← or → This one is huge for me — I use it all the time. When I’m doing any frame-by-frame animation, I use this shortcut to make it more efficient (instead of scrubbing through with the mouse). Constantly going through the timeline and reaching for the mouse every other second gets old fast. This shortcut is, by far, my personal favorite.7. Lock and Unlock LayersTo LockWindows: Ctrl + L Mac: Cmd + LTo UnlockWindows: Ctrl + Shift + LMac: Cmd + Shift + L Staying organized is important when working in After Effects. Within some shape layers, you’ll have multiple groups that you can pair together. This shortcut is a great way to make sure you keep your project clean and efficient.4. Move a Specific Layer Backward/ForwardWindows: Ctrl + [ or ]Mac: Cmd + Option + ↑ or ↓ The old way to fit a layer to comp was to open up the layer, go to scale, and edit the parameters so it would fill the screen. However, with this shortcut, you can instantly fit any layer to the composition (within a few seconds) without any transform properties.3. Group and Ungroup ShapesGroupWindows: Ctrl + G Mac: Cmd + G |UngroupWindows: Ctrl + Shift + GMac: Cmd + Shift + Glast_img read more

Jasprit Bumrah salutes MS Dhoni: Legends don’t need to prove their worth to anyone

first_imgBrief Scores: India (299/4; Kohli 104, Dhoni 55 not out) beat Australia (298/9; Marsh 131, Maxwell 48, Bhuvneshwar 4 for 45) by 6 wickets. Full ScorecardVirat Kohli may have scored yet another hundred in a successful run chase but it was MS Dhoni’s knock which stole the show at the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday night.India rode on Kohli’s 104 and Dhoni’s unbeaten 55 to chase down 299 and beat Australia by 6 wickets in the second ODI and levelled the three-match series 1-1.Former captain Dhoni played a subdued role in support of his successor Kohli as two players with the joint experience of more than 550 ODIs steadily chipped away at Australia’s total.With Kohli’s untimely dismissal, Dhoni took up the chase and carried India to a victory which will see the series decided on Friday in the third international at Melbourne.India came to the final over needing seven runs to win and Dhoni smashed the first ball over the long straight boundaries at the Adelaide Oval for a six which tied the scores, then clinched the win with a single from the next ball.Dhoni was fortunate to have the heady support of Dinesh Karthik, who came to the crease at a difficult moment when Kohil had just fallen. He scored 25 from just 14 balls to ensure India reached its target.”Credit to Virat and Dhoni, the way they played. We got a good start as well so it’s the sort of win that will give the team a lot of confidence, chasing 300.”(Dhoni) has been doing it for years now and the fact he can stay calm, the fact he can absorb pressure and watch the ball, keep the plan very simple. You need the big shot and then he delivers,” Karthik said after the match.advertisementSocial media was abuzz following India’s win with Dhoni garnering a lot of praise for the way he finished yet another match for India.Teammate Jasprit Bumrah lauded the former skipper saying, “Legends don’t need to prove their worth to anyone. Great display of class and temperament by Mahi bhai.”Legends don’t need to prove their worth to anyone. Great display of class and temperament by Mahi bhai @msdhoni and @imVkohliCongratulations on the win!#AUSvINDJasprit bumrah (@Jaspritbumrah93) January 15, 2019Sachin Tendulkar also tweeted, congratulating India for the win while also praising the knocks of Kohli, Dhoni and Karthik.”A great win and a fabulous innings by @imVkohli. Yet another at his adopted home ground. Excellent role played by @msdhoni and @DineshKarthik to take India over the line,” Tendulkar posted.A great win and a fabulous innings by @imVkohli. Yet another at his adopted home ground. Excellent role played by @msdhoni and @DineshKarthik to take India over the line. #INDvAUS pic.twitter.com/7n3M2l3hZSSachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) January 15, 2019Sehwag, in his trademark style tweeted: “Picture abhi baaki hai mere Dost! Wonderful innings from Virat. Dhoni and Karthik finishing it in style. Will need more matches with 4-5-6 playing handy match-winning knocks.”Picture abhi baaki hai mere Dost !Wonderful innings from Virat. Dhoni and Karthik finishing it in style. Will need more matches with 4-5-6 playing handy match-winning knocks. pic.twitter.com/YHdwJ0G59XVirender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) January 15, 2019″Fantastic run chase by India. Excellent 100 from Virat, he makes it look very easy. Was wonderful to see Dhoni finish of the game beautifully and Dinesh Karthik’s cameo was very very important in the end. The final game should be a cracker,” Laxman said.Fantastic run chase by India . Excellent 100 from Virat, he makes it look very easy. Was wonderful to see Dhoni finish of the game beautifully and Dinesh Karthik’s cameo was very very important in the end. The final game should be a cracker.VVS Laxman (@VVSLaxman281) January 15, 2019Mohammed Kaif in his tweet wrote: “Excellent reading of the game today by Dhoni. Karthik in the end made it easy for him but it was yet another masterclass by Kohli that made the difference.”Excellent reading of the game today by Dhoni. Karthik in the end made it easy for him but it was yet another Masterclass by Kohli that made the difference .Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) January 15, 2019Harbhajan on his part said: “Well done Team India @BCCI congratulations @imVkohli yet again top in and good to see old touch of @msdhoni coming to the party. That’s the way.. keep up the good work.”Well done Team India @BCCI congratulations @imVkohli yet again top inn and good to see old touch of @msdhoni coming to the party.That’s the way.. keep up the good work #IndiaVsAusadvertisementHarbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) January 15, 2019Bhogle praised Dhoni’s fitness while saying: “Dhoni has shown his class here. Just understood the situation beautifully. And this is a tribute to his fitness.”And of course, that is how it has always been! Never trying to be centre-stage. https://t.co/VAjbJl1K7gHarsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) January 15, 2019Highest batting average in successful chases in ODIs (min.25 inns):99.85 MS Dhoni99.04 Virat Kohli#AUSvINDRajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) January 15, 2019#2009vs2019@msdhoni still smashing sixes and finishing chases! pic.twitter.com/fv0wvz3rnSICC (@ICC) January 15, 2019MS Dhoni Six vs Australia. #Dhoni #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/X2E4IH8yYlBest Of MS Dhoni (@MissYouMSDhoni) January 15, 2019It’s an MS Dhoni finish in Adelaide!India win by 6 wickets. #CricketMeriJaan #AUSvINDMumbai Indians (@mipaltan) January 15, 2019A last over thriller in Adelaide. #TeamIndia clinch the 2nd ODI by 6 wickets courtesy winning touches from @imVkohli @msdhoni & @DineshKarthik. 1-1 #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/aMI0q5BhajBCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2019India today provided only the second instance in the ODI history of first five wickets producing 40+ runs each in a chase.The only other such instance came in 1993 for Pak v WI at Sharjah.#AUSvINDRajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) January 15, 2019MS Dhoni 50 in93 balls at SCG53 balls at Adelaide#AusvInd#AusvsIndMohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) January 15, 2019Just going to leave this out here… #AUSvIND #KeepCalmAndBelieveInMSD #KingKohli #Champions pic.twitter.com/HwmHtEBS8dJimit K (@jimitdds) January 15, 2019HaHaHaHa Watch this.. I feel so sorry for Dhoni Haters today #MSDhoni #2ndODI #AUSVIND https://t.co/4LmNlNscekBabul Supriyo (@SuPriyoBabul) January 15, 2019Also Read | Virat Kohli scores 39th ODI hundred: Shane Warne leads tributes for the KingAlso Read | India vs Australia: Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni help India gun down 299, series level 1-1Also Read | India vs Australia 2nd ODI in Adelaide: Match Highlightslast_img read more

Anton Gill Had To Turn Off His Cell Phone Because Of All The Texts He Received After Game vs. N.C. State

first_imgAnton Gill goes up for layup vs. NC State.Twitter/‏@CBSSportsCBB Earlier, we posted a photo of little-used sophomore guard Anton Gill getting mobbed by his Louisville teammate. Gill hadn’t scored since February 28 and had played just 23 total minutes in March before last night’s game, when he came in for 11 minutes and scored seven clutch points, hitting all three of his shots from the field. Gill’s surprise performance helped Louisville outlast N.C. State in the Sweet 16 match-up, and afterwards, he told Sports Illustrated‘s Pete Thamel that he received so many texts that he had to turn his phone off.Anton Gill after his big night. “I had to turn my phone off.” Said he had 30-35 texts.— Pete Thamel (@SIPeteThamel) March 28, 2015Louisville can use another big left from Gill tomorrow, when the Cardinals face Tom Izzo’s upstart Michigan State Spartans for a chance to make the Final Four.last_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement Facebook Details & Submission InformationIf interested, you must submit in order to be invited in to audition.Please e-mail the following to: info@jigsawcasting.com1. Your name & age2. Photo(s) of yourself (Where we can clearly see your face. Ideally no hats or sunglasses).3. Your primary contact information (phone number & email address) *If you are a represented actor, please include your union status, resume & your agent’s contact information4. Please write ‘PROJECT SAUCE’ in subject line of e-mail, along with your name and age. (E.G. PROJECT SAUCE- Maria Ricci- age 65)Submissions are due by: Thursday, August 18th at 9am (But the earlier you submit the better your chances!)You must be available for these key dates (in Toronto):AUDITION: August 19thSHOOT: August 25thWEATHER: August 26thQuestions or Concerns*If you have already submitted for this project, you do not need to resubmit your information*Please note that you will not be compensated for the audition*This is a union job. Real people will be permitted*You must be a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen to participatePLEASE JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP FOR FUTURE CASTING CALLS: www.facebook.com/jigsawcastingTO LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A PERFORMER AND PROTECTING YOURSELF GO TO: http://www.actratoronto.com/perform/protectyourself.html60 SUMACH ST / 3RD FLOOR / TORONTO, ON M5A 3J7 / T: (416) 360 0336 www.jigsawcasting.com Jigsaw Casting Ltd. Is Looking For Italian Women For an Upcoming Classico Pasta Sauce Campaign!RolesSOC- Nonnas: Looking for real Italian women 65 years of age or older. This is a fun spot where we see our ladies dance and celebrate! We are looking to book 5 women for this commercial so chances are in your favour *Pays approximately $1000 if selected Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Congress fields Digvijaya from tough seat Bhopal

first_imgNew Delhi: The Congress has ‘fielded’ its strongman Digvijaya Singh from Bhopal and changed UP unit chief Raj Babbar’s seat from Moradabad to Fatehpur Sikri to make it “easier” for the actor-turned-politician. Singh, who wanted to contest from his home turf Rajgarh, was publicly asked by MP CM Kamal Nath to choose one of the “tough seats” where the Congress has not won in three decades. Ex-CM Singh accepted the challenge and said that he would contest from any seat as long as it was chosen by “my leader Rahul Gandhi.” He is yet to respond to the announcement made by Nath. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c detailsThe Congress won three seats in the recent assembly polls from Bhopal. The high-profile Bhopal Lok Sabha seat is currently held by the BJP’s Alok Sanjar. Late President Shankar Dayal Sharma was the last Congress winner from the seat in the 1984 LS polls. In 2014 the BJP won 27 of the 29 seats in MP. The Congress won the remaining two, Chhindwara and Guna, held by Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia respectively. As per the Congress list, Imran Pratapgarhiya will now be the party’s candidate from Moradabad in place of Babbar. According to sources, Raj Babbar was not keen on contesting from Moradabad where the BJP has fielded its sitting MP Kunwar Sarvesh Kumar. In another change, Naseemuddin Siddiqui has been fielded from Bijnor, from where Indira Bhatti was named earlier.last_img read more

Egypt bars 572 Brotherhood leaders from accessing funds

first_imgCAIRO– The Egyptian government designated the Brotherhood a terrorist group last week.An Egyptian government’s panel has barred a total of 572 Muslim Brotherhood leaders from accessing their personal funds  and property.The panel also froze the assets of 87 Brotherhood schools, Judge Abdel-Azim al-Ashri, head of the Justice Ministry’s media committee, said in a statement on Tuesday. Last week, the panel barred 132 Brotherhood leaders from accessing their funds and property under a court ruling banning the Islamist group.The interim authorities earlier froze the assets of 1,130 NGOs and 137 schools on the same grounds.In September, Egypt’s Court for Urgent Matters ordered the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood Society, the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood and all affiliated bodies, and the confiscation of all the group’s offices and funds.The Egyptian government designated the Brotherhood a terrorist group last week.Egyptian authorities have launched a massive crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood following the army’s July 3 ouster of elected president Mohamed Morsi.Thousands of the Brotherhood’s leaders and members have since been arrested on incitement-to-violence charges.last_img read more

Football Revengedriven Ohio State aiming for seasondefining win against Penn State

The Buckeyes, led by redshirt sophomore tight end Rashod Berry (13), wait at the end of the tunnel prior to taking the field for the game against UNLV on Sept. 23.Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe door to the left of the lectern opened and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer walked hastily into the team meeting room at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for his weekly Monday press conference. He had no time for any opening statements.“Just jump right into questions,” Meyer said, gruffly.He had no time for pontificating; no time for questions. Meyer wrapped up his weekly conference faster than usual, hustling out the same door he entered 11 minutes prior.He had just one thing on his mind: revenge.Last season, Penn State nearly ruined Ohio State’s season as a swarm of Nittany Lion fans wearing white stormed the field following their team’s upset of the then-No. 2 Buckeyes while those wearing scarlet and gray slunk back to the locker room with their season seemingly in shambles. Though coaches normally shy away from publicly claiming avenging defeat as a catalyst for a statement victory, Meyer was blunt.“Is revenge a motivator?” Meyer asked. “Hell yeah it is.”Not much motivates teams quite like memories of a loss to a conference opponent.“We were just stunned. We didn’t respect a really good opponent and kind of took for granted winning,” redshirt junior defensive end Sam Hubbard said Wednesday.This season, Ohio State will not be surprised by the Nittany Lions. The Buckeyes believe they are ready for what will be one of their stiffest challenges of the season. Meyer said Penn State has “one of the top offenses in America.” He called running back Saquon Barkley “the best all-purpose guy we’ve probably faced in probably, maybe my career.” Barkley, a Heisman Trophy frontrunner, has rushed for 757 yards — 6.5 yards per carry — and has racked up a team-leading 32 catches for 448 yards. Meyer said Penn State has “the No. 1 pass defense in America.” The Nittany Lions rank first in the nation in pass defense efficiency (94.02).If Ohio State hopes to win, it must slow down the best running back in college football and penetrate one of the best pass defenses in the country. It needs to limit dual-threat quarterback Trace McSorley and protect quarterback J.T. Barrett from a rampant defensive line that decimated the Buckeyes’ offensive line in their previous meeting. Last year, the Nittany Lions picked on right tackle Isaiah Prince, who will have an opportunity to show his improvement on a grand stage.That’s no small task. But whether this season will be deemed a success relies on it. For Ohio State, anything but a berth in the College Football Playoff will be seen as a failure. The Buckeyes’ game versus Penn State marks the turning point in the season, just as it unexpectedly did last year. Will 2017 be a disappointment or will Meyer’s team position itself in the conference’s driver’s seat?If Ohio State defeats the Nittany Lions, it will be the heavy favorite to win the conference. Sure, it will have to take down Michigan on the road, No. 16 Michigan State and likely No. 5 Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship, but optimism would be high following a win against the team many presume to be the best in the conference. If Ohio State wins out, it would earn a spot in the College Football Playoff.But if the Buckeyes lose, their chances of reaching the playoff vanish. They entered the season with three season-defining games — matchups against Oklahoma, Penn State and Michigan. They would have failed their first two true tests of the year, effectively turning their season into an instant dud. Either Ohio State enacts revenge, upsets the No. 2 team in the country and becomes the favorite to win the Big Ten, or its season would be viewed as a flop. There is no middle ground.The Buckeyes cannot look too far ahead. This season-defining matchup comes at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Ohio Stadium.The page flipped quickly from Ohio State’s off week and Penn State’s 42-13 victory against Michigan to Ohio State versus Penn State.Just six minutes after Penn State’s decisive win Saturday night, redshirt senior center Billy Price tweeted, “#BeatPennState.” At head coach James Franklin’s postgame press conference, the Penn State head coach picked up a phone, saw the time was 11:23 p.m. and said the Nittany Lions had just 37 minutes to celebrate the win.“I’m not talking about the next opponent,” Franklin said, referring to Ohio State, following his team’s win Saturday. “Enjoy the heck out of this win for the next 37 minutes and then the next day, we’ll focus on the next opponent.”Those 37 minutes are up. Now it’s time to see whether the Buckeyes will have their revenge or watch their season end at the hands of the Nittany Lions. read more

Aubameyang wants to explore spark with Lacazette at Arsenal

first_imgPierre-Emerick Aubameyang insists that his “spark” with Alexandre Lacazette should be exploited by Arsenal boss Unai EmeryThe former Paris Saint-Germain coach’s start to life at the Emirates came to a disappointing end when Arsenal fell to a humbling 2-0 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday.But Aubameyang insists that a solution may already be right in front of Emery by deploying both himself and Lacazette, who was on the bench on Sunday, up front for Arsenal.Lacazette, in particular, has struggled at the Gunners following his £53m move from Lyon last summer and the arrival of Aubameyang in January intensified rumours that the French striker may already be on his way out of North London.However, Aubameyang insists that he has developed a strong bond with Lacazette in their eight months together at Arsenal.The Gabon captain also feels that there is potential for both himself and his out-of-favour friend to develop into a dangerous strike partnership up front for Arsenal, while even suggesting that he would be happy to move out wide to accommodate Lacazette.“We really get on well,” Aubameyang told ESPN, via Daily Mail.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“There is a spark between us when we are both on the pitch together.“We look for each other, we saw it [on Sunday] against City when he came on. I don’t mind playing on the left if Laca is in the centre. We both want to do our best for the team.”Emery’s tactics have been widely criticised, but Aubameyang insists it will take time for the Spaniard to properly get to grips with things.“We still need some time to adapt to the new manager and to integrate the new players,” he added.“It is hard to test ourselves in a first game like this against City because they are so strong. We have to stay positive, work on the things we did well and improve on the rest. We will have a better idea next weekend after the Chelsea game.“The message of the new coach is all about showing character, to put a lot of intensity, play high up the pitch and implement a big pressing. That’s the style we will play this season.”last_img read more

St Johnstone will match Rangers says Blair Alison

first_imgSt Johnstone striker Blair Alston says his team will come out to match the Rangers pattern of play when they meet at Ibrox on Sunday.Alston who has featured against Rangers during his time at Falkirk said the experience hasn’t changed and urged his teammates not to see the game as a ‘hiding’ because of the team involved.“Any time you do well against the so-called big teams you always get more attention. It doesn’t matter how you play,” Alston told Scotsman.“I have tended to be quite lucky with goals against Rangers, for Falkirk and 
St Johnstone.Rangers is still behind Celtic: John Hartson Manuel R. Medina – September 3, 2019 According to the former Celtic player, there’s still a massive gap between his ex-club and Rangers in the Scottish Premier League.“I must have played them eight or nine times at Falkirk. We seemed to draw them in cups and they were in the Championship for a couple of seasons. I have played Rangers when they were head and shoulders above Falkirk. It was men against boys. You wondered what was going on. But by playing more games against them you begin to feel more comfortable.“When we played them at Ibrox and it finished 5-1 it did look like men against boys again. But we don’t go into games thinking ‘we could take a hiding here.’ We go in thinking there’s no reason we can’t do something. Our attitude is ‘let’s see what we can do against them.’”last_img read more