Skube the radio reimagined for music sharing and discovery

first_imgEngineers have created a prototype of a device that brings back the idea of a dedicated music-playing gadget. Of course, the twist is that it’s designed for the 21st century and online content.Instead of a boombox that plays a static list of songs, the Skube is a portable device with a built-in speaker that connects to the Internet to discover new songs. It can also connect with other Skubes to create a dynamic, larger playlist. So perhaps the thought is that some day you could go to a party where everyone brings their own Skubes, then they connect them together to get a mix of songs everyone can enjoy.The Skube has two modes — Playlist and Discovery. Playlist mode is simple–it plays the songs that are already on the device. Discovery mode, however, uses those existing tracks to scour the Web for similar songs that you might like. It does this by tapping into the API. To actually stream said tracks, though, it connects to Spotify.The result is a seamless end-user experience where you can simply tap or flip the box to alter between different tracks and different modes. There’s no need to log into an account, make sure your speakers are working, etc. It goes back to the old-school concept of doing one thing and doing it well.So if you’re looking for a modular, Internet-connected, portable music player with a built-in speaker, you might be in luck. The Skube is a fully functional device, not just a concept. The next step is mass manufacturing and getting it on sale.via Sound Plus Designlast_img

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