Neo Geo X will be 130 without any games

first_imgVintage gaming fanatics who were turned off by the reprised Neo Geo X’s $200 price tag may find comfort in knowing that a barebones version of the old-school handheld will also be available for $130.In 1992, the Neo Geo AES console was released, ushering in a groundbreaking new home system that brought arcade-quality fighting games to the living room for the first time. And it would live on to be known and remembered as the console for fighting game fans. The Neo Geo X will celebrate those games when it launches on December 6.The unit, which is jointly created by SNK Playmore and Tommo, was first announced earlier this year. At the time, they only announced a bundle called the “Neo Geo X Gold,” which will come with 20 pre-loaded games as well as a docking station to connect the system to a TV. That version of the device carries a $200 price tag. The fact that you can buy a brand new Xbox 360 for the same price certainly raised some eyebrows, so the $130 version might be more impulse buy-worthy. Of course, then, the games are an extra expense.There’s something about retro games that have universal – and timeless – appeal. For those of us who grew up playing on the Atari or Sega Genesis, playing old-school titles presents an unbeatable sense of nostalgia. But perhaps the most surprising thing is that even new gamers are becoming fans of the classic titles from the ’90s, proving that there was something about those simple-but-addicting games that can’t be replicated with today’s powerful games hardware.More at Neo Geo X, via Wiredlast_img

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