iPad 2 cases appear hint at new tablet features

first_imgSometimes the cart really does come before the horse, or more specifically new cases come before the launch of the iPad 2.Chinese manufacturers are currently touting cases which they say will be for the next generation of the iPad. Previous to the news of these cases, our knowledge of the iPad 2 was limited to rumors of a late February 2011 release, and the possibility that these new iPads would have Qualcomm chips allowing them to run on GSM and CDMA networks. That would mean  3G versions will be available for use on the AT&T and Verizon Wireless networks.The cases all have similar characteristics including a hole for a headphone jack, a place for a single dock connector, and a small hole near one of the corners which must be for the rumored rear-facing camera. Another hole in the cases seems to have most people baffled. Speculation for the hole includes room for an antenna, an SD slot (which many people believe is unlikely because of the large size of the hole) and a redesigned speaker.It’s pretty common for Chinese manufacturers to be first with cases for Apple products, even before they are released. The belief is that these manufacturers receive specs from low-level operators at the plants who actually make the Apple devices. The timing of the release of these cases does give some credence to a February 2011 launch. Only then will we see the goodies that make up the new holes included in these iPad 2 cases.Read more at Gizmodo and Engadgetlast_img

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