Poll Could you make it in to Mensa

first_img Poll Results: Not a chance. (1286) Yes. With ease.I might scrape in.Not a chance.I don’t know.VoteRead: The Troubles, the parties and the loneliness of intelligence: Ireland’s Mensa story IRELAND HAS A pretty high number of Mensa members per capita.Mensans are not all well-paid high-flyers, in fact, some are unemployed, so your job and social standing don’t matter, only your IQ.Membership of Mensa is open to people who have attained “a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test”.But, what do you think? Could you make it in? Would you be running the place in a week? What’s your own view of your IQ?To test yourself, here’s a workout.We’re asking: Could you make it in to Mensa? I don’t know. (756) Yes. With ease. (1296) I might scrape in. (2413)last_img

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