Second astronaut after Sunita Williams, Tim Peake completes space marathon: All you need to know

first_imgIn 2007, Sunita Williams, an American astronaut with anIndian-Slovenian descent became the first woman to run and complete a marathonin space. Nine years later, the first man has completed a similar feat to becomethe first man to complete a marathon while in orbit. Here are a few facts about the only two space marathonrunners in the history of mankind.1. Sunita Williams was the first human being to complete amarathon in space and Tim Peake is the first man and second person to achievethe feat and enter the Guinness World Records.2. Sunita had completed the Boston Marathon by covering adistance of 26.2 miles( 42.16 kms) on the International Space Station treadmillin April 2007 and recorded a completion time of 4 hours, 23 minutes and 10seconds. 3.Tim Peake participated in the London Marathon conducted onApril 24, 2016. His completion time for the 42 Km marathon was 3 hours 35minutes and 21 seconds.4. Both space marathoners used a special harness attached tothe treadmill to keep them in place and mimic the pressure of gravity in everyway possible. 5. On one side where the gravity in itself is challengingfor the space runners, the temperature was far better than what theircounterparts in London and Boston were facing. Despite that, the astronautsfaced great odds due to the loss of muscle during their stay at theInternational Space Station.last_img

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