Mike Lutmer, July 11

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest I am getting ready to jump in the hay rake and rake 40 acres or so, then go bale up some straw, then go bale some hay. We’ve got some second cutting getting hay ready to cut that looks beautiful.We are all done with wheat. We had some wheat that ran 90 bushels an acre and some that did 30 where it got drowned out. Where we didn’t have so much water, the wheat was really good.We are working on getting the corn topdressed with nitrogen. I am running my Miller with drops on it through my earlier stuff. I would rather put the N on right before pollination than when it is 18 inches tall. I think it makes a huge difference. If you knife it in when it is small and come back before pollination you can cut your rates and you don’t have as much risk of losing it. I think it pays dividends.Corn is looking good and the beans have really come on. It will be a good thing if we get the rains they are calling for this week. The only downside is that every time it rains the market takes a hit.I have double-crop beans up and they are all in but one little patch that I am debating about putting in. There are a few places that look pretty dry, but we have been fortunate that we have gotten some of the showers and for the most part everything looks pretty good.Beans are growing like mad. They have some grass starting to really roll up in them, though. We have a few places we want to get sprayed. Everybody has had a problem with marestail and we are looking at what to do about that for next year. We ended up working some ground because of marestail problems this spring. Other than that, things look pretty good.last_img

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