Norton’s distasteful grumbling: an opportunity to be relevant

first_imgDear Editor,Please permit me some space on your letter pages to address the balderdash about myself and my son’s departure from the PNCR that was reportedly uttered by PNCR Executive Member Aubrey Norton.If the newspaper article is accurate then Norton’s distasteful grumbling could be deduced as an opportunity to be relevant and a needed display of loyalty to the “elitists” at Congress Place. But the competition seems stiff because, since our resignation, beneficiaries of largesse are busy trying to do damage control.However, I would like to address some untrue statements that Norton reportedly made or insinuated.1. Myself and son were neither paid nor promised any money or favour to join the People’s Progressive Party/Civic. It is appalling to think that we could have been bought like objects just to satisfy our immediate self-gratification. Our involvement in politics is to help the underprivileged and see Guyana develop. Had we desired power and wealth, we would have stayed with this Government where bribery and kickbacks are the order of the day.Furthermore, Norton has conveniently forgotten that President David Granger’s Cabinet best exemplifies greed for immediate self-gratification. After gaining power, his Cabinet increased their salary, breaking their campaign promise of reversing “fat cat” salaries.2. Norton associated us and the PPP/C with filthy lucre. It seems that Norton has evidence that would be important for a police investigation and should not withhold same. Norton should ask Robert Corbin and Amna Ally about the Dannys’ contribution of time, energy and millions of dollars to the party, whilst he was fighting to be noticed. It’s a shame that he is still struggling in the great quest to find relevance in a party that treats him as chief jack about. Perhaps his role as an Executive Member is to curse out and find spurious arguments.3. Norton accused us of being weak and vacillating persons who could defect easily. Apparently, he and the PNCR did not value our decades of service and contribution to the party and the departure was the correct decision.Also if weak and vacillating means respecting the rule of law; wanting an enabling business environment; desiring proper social services for youths, women and the underprivileged; engaging in pro-Guyana oil and gas deals, and having a transparent procurement process then yes, we are. At least we are not bullies who are disregarding the rule of law to hold on to power at all costs to benefit cronies.4. If indeed, persons are leaving the PPP/C and joining the coalition, then they should not be afraid of contesting the General and Regional Elections. In fact, PPP/C’s victory in both Local Government Elections should not be a problem. After all, the coalition has strength in numbers. Perhaps a little advertisement could act as encouragement to others unless their new members are ashamed to be affiliated with them publicly.5. What is the good life? How do we measure the good life? Who are the beneficiaries of the good life? Could Norton say whether the good life means getting a salary of $700,000 plus? Does the good life entail leaving on your AC of the State-owned vehicle whilst you dine just to ensure that it is at the right temperature when you reenter with the girls from bambam alley? Does the good life mean creating ruckus for a prohibited parking spot? Does the good life mean awarding contracts to close relatives whilst ignoring the small contractors who were promised 20 per cent of infrastructure works? Does the good life mean building a mansion after just three years in office?6. If the coalition knew anything about prudent management of a country, the cost of living would have reduced. And, the heavy taxation burden faced by citizens would have been removed. But, the Government prefers to tax the working class to finance their lavish lifestyle. They boast about buses, boats and bicycles for school children but took away the $10,000 grant and placed VAT on school uniforms. They have made homeownership challenging owing to burdensome tax on building materials. Importantly, they cannot be trusted to manage the oil and gas sector which is evident from poor deals they are making on behalf of Guyanese.To every Guyanese reading this letter, please be patriotic and walk away from this impotent Government. Vote for the PPP/C.Yours truly,Dave Danny SrDave Danny Jrlast_img

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