These critics are fooling no one

first_imgDear Editor,The debate on the presidential candidate of the PPP is dominating the newspapers. What I find interesting is that critics of the PPP are advocating a particular process to be used to determine the presidential candidate. What is even more interesting is that these same people will be in the front lines, criticising whoever is voted in as the presidential candidate, as we saw in the last Elections.These critics are fooling no one.I have read the comments of Ralph Ramkarran, and he advocates for the PPP to have a new system to choose its presidential candidate. But he is not a supporter of the PPP; his comments echo the arrogance of the Facebook crowd calling for all sorts of things – all of them being people who will not support the PPP, regardless of what position it takes. The PPP could select a ‘Ghandi’ or a ‘Mandela’ (hypothetically speaking, of course) and the critics will not support the Party.That is the reason why Guyanese, particularly PPP supporters, have seen – and should continue to see – past the façade being put up by the critics who are analysing the position of the PPP.The Party should continue to operate in a manner that does not allow detractors to influence its democratic decision-making process, wherein the 35 members of the Party’s Central Committee who were elected by the Congress vote on a presidential candidate.RegardsBaldeo Mathuralast_img

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