Tommasi attacks the clubs: “Training does not make sense”

first_imgIn the coming weeks, Italian football will have to discuss two fundamental issues: when to return to training and what to do with the salaries of footballers in the face of the economic crisis that the coronavirus emergency will entail. Damiano Tommasi, President of the Italian Association of Footballers, gave his approval to the possibility of negotiating the second matter with a public letter: “The first people interested in letting the soccer system continue to be sustainable are the players themselves. We are aware that the issue of contracts must be addressed, but not now. The economic damages must be accounted for and we can do this only when we will know if the season is over. ends or not. Then each player will have to decide on his resignation: we can not force anyone. We agree to consider these days as holidays to make them shorter in July, it is not a problem. For salaries, we will see. “ Tommasi, on the other hand, was much more blunt on the question of training, which teams like Lazio and Naples want to resume next Monday: “Whoever thinks about that does not understand what is on their mind. Training now, when there are at least two months to play again, is pointless and dangerous. In Spain there are dozens of positive players, whereas here not everyone did the test and there is more asymptomatic than you think. Now we all have to be home. ” Naples, meanwhile, has announced its intention to resume work next Wednesday, although it plans the possibility of being postponed again.last_img

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