Introducing the ESI Careers Series – how to get into esports?

first_imgWe’re delighted to announce and introduce to you the Esports Insider Careers Series – a collection of pieces coming to you in the next few months profiling some of the finest professionals in the esports world. The aim of each piece is to provide guidance for those looking to enter esports and make it a feasible career as well as those looking to hop into the esports realm from other industries.Make no mistake, there’s a lot of competition out there and still (comparatively) fairly few jobs out there, so most of us working in the industry consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be doing so. The industry has come a long way from a few years ago and with the investment rolling in and continued hype around esports, inevitably there will also become jobs available. Gone are the days where 15 listings on “” were all you would find. A simple Google search now shows: “454 Esports Jobs available on” as an example.The proposed plan is to cover people working in the following roles:WriterLegalPhotographerCasterHostVideographerTeam ownerDesignerPartnerships/SponsorshipsMarketingSocial MediaCoachingMerchandisingAdminVarious production rolesThe series will get fully underway shortly when I provide a bit of background about myself and general observations around the esports industry and careers in the space. I’ll provide my story, and even if one person finds it remotely useful then it’s served its purpose.Next week, the piece shall focus on the legal profession. We’ll be speaking to Isabel Davies, Purewal Partners and Max Nicolaides of Miscon de Reya. We will also be gaining some internal insight from Rahul Gandhi, who works in in-house legal at ESL UK. As always, if you’re reading this and want to have a different role covered – just let us know. Equally, if you believe you’re a suitable candidate to be profiled and wish to lend your story and/or pearls of wisdom to breaking into esports then please also feel free to drop us a line – [email protected]last_img

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