War still having serious impact on freedom of expression

first_img News June 2, 2021 Find out more September 10, 2008 – Updated on January 20, 2016 War still having serious impact on freedom of expression Help by sharing this information BelarusEurope – Central Asia “We condemn the press freedom violations that are continuing near the war zone,” Reporters Without Borders said. “All parties must ensure that journalists are able to operate in the best manner possible.” Follow the news on Belarus Russian media boss drops the pretence and defends Belarus crackdown Receive email alerts RSF_en News BelarusEurope – Central Asia The press freedom situation has deteriorated as a result of the fighting between Georgia and Russia, with many cases of journalists being obstructed and the Georgian population being denied its right to news and information, Reporters Without Borders said today.“We condemn the press freedom violations that are continuing near the war zone,” Reporters Without Borders said. “All parties must ensure that journalists are able to operate in the best manner possible.”A TV crew working for the Polish public television service Polska TV and their Georgian driver were arrested by members of an Ossetian militia when they tried to enter South Ossetia from Georgia without adequate accreditation on 8 September. After being handed over to the Russian army, they were released the next day and their equipment was returned to them.Cameraman Georgi Ramishvili of the Georgian TV station Rustavi 2 was killed by a stray bullet while doing a report on a Georgian army base near Shavnabada (30 km south of Tbilisi) on 6 September, Rustavi 2 and another Georgian TV station, Imedi, reported. The authorities did not comment on his death.A reporter for the Georgian human rights website Humanrights.ge, Saba Tsitsikashvili, was physically attacked while covering a Stop Russia demonstration in Gori on 1 September. He told journalists that the city’s governor and deputy went up to him and slapped him, telling him that it would be “like that every day from now on.” The deputy governor had insulted Tsitsikashvili on 24 August, several days after he wrote about inadequacies in the humanitarian aid being provided by the Georgian authorities.Russian soldiers tried to confiscate a Rustavi 2 TV crew’s equipment near the western city of Zugdidi on 7 September and then, after getting orders to arrest the crew, began leading them at gunpoint towards their base. They were finally released after United Nations observers intervened and managed to defuse the tension.Access to news and information continues to be very limited in Georgia. Russian cable TV stations and websites with addresses ending in .ru have been inaccessible since the outbreak of the fighting on 8 August. Temur Yakobashvili, the minister for reintegration, publicly claimed responsibility for blocking Russian TV broadcasts in Georgia.“We call on the Georgian authorities to restore access to all news outlets, including Russian ones,” Reporters Without Borders said.Almost all of the Georgian TV stations support President Mikhail Saakashvili and the only opposition station, Kavkasia, is having difficulty broadcasting. Transmission of its daily programme “Spektr” was cut short on 1 September as guest political analysts were criticising the Georgian position, pointing out that the country had lost 20 per cent of its territory and there was “no reason to rejoice.”The official explanation for the loss of signal was a technical problem with a transmitter, but Kavkasia director Nino Jangirashvili told journalists: “I have serious doubts about this version.”One of Georgia’s most popular discussion websites, Forum.ge, was briefly closed by the authorities. When it reopened, site administrators posted recommendations asking users to make every effort to avoid another closure by refraining from comments “harming the interests of the state” or “liable to lead to a split in the country.” The site’s political discussion sections were “briefly closed” again on 3 September. May 27, 2021 Find out more RSF at the Belarusian border: “The terrorist is the one who jails journalists and intimidates the public” May 28, 2021 Find out more Organisation “We welcome opening of criminal investigation in Lithuania in response to our complaint against Lukashenko” RSF says News News to go furtherlast_img read more

Media ban on return of dead soldiers

first_img Help by sharing this information RSF_en CanadaAmericas Receive email alerts April 27, 2006 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Media ban on return of dead soldiers January 15, 2021 Find out more CanadaAmericas News to go further Organisation Forum on Information and Democracy 250 recommendations on how to stop “infodemics”center_img On eve of the G20 Riyadh summit, RSF calls for public support to secure the release of jailed journalists in Saudi Arabia “We must impose democratic obligations on the leading digital players” November 11, 2020 Find out more News Reporters Without Borders has protested against the April 22 ban imposed by the federal government on TV coverage of the return of soldiers killed in Afghanistan. On the evening of April 25, the media were not allowed into the military airbase at Trenton, near Toronto.“The Canadian government is following the bad example set by the U.S. administration if it thinks it can hide the facts from the population. Respect for the grief of the families is of course necessary, but it should not be used as a pretext that is tantamount to censorship,” said Reporters Without Borders.On April 22, four Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor almost immediately banned all media coverage of the return of the soldiers’ remains. On April 25, Cyberpresse reported that the media were denied access to the military airbase at Trenton, near Toronto. “If they brought my son home from that war in a body bag, I’d shoot the first media that come on site,” Conservative MP Myron Thompson is quoted as saying in the Montreal Gazette.In the House of Commons, opposition parties unanimously criticized the decision of the new Harper government. According to Cyberpresse, Liberal leader Bill Graham said the government sought to “reduce the impact of such incidents on the population”. Mr Graham drew a parallel with a similar move by the Bush administration, which since the beginning of the war in Iraq banned media coverage of soldiers’ caskets returning from that country. Not all Conservatives are behind government censorship however, and even less so are some of the military families. Although the government has said that it is imposing this measure “out of respect for families’ grief”, Defence Minister O’Connor acknowledged that he never consulted the families in question. Some of them did however complain to Stephen Harper. The Prime Minister Office and the Defence Department have not responded to requests by the Canadian Section of Reporters Without Borders. November 19, 2020 Find out more News News Follow the news on Canadalast_img read more

Wildcats Harriers Dominate Tri-Meet Against Twisters And Cardinals

first_imgSophomore, Drew Grant, dominated the Oldenburg meet and took over first place shortly after the first mile. Junior, Tanner Lainhart, gained the 4th place spot, as he kept pushing forward throughout the race. Freshman, Ben Maze had a great performance, taking the 5th place spot. Junior, Kyle Seibert, continues to show strong performances, claiming the 6h place spot. Freshman, Adam Grant, took the final scoring spot, with his 9th place finish. The Wildcats pushed through the hot temperatures and a rugged, hilly course for this win at Oldenburg.The Wildcat Girls Cross Country team persevered through the heat and rugged course to give a strong performance at the Oldenburg/Seton Catholic cross country meet. In the first mile of the race, Junior, Katelyn Meyer was dominating the race. However, she twisted her ankle and could not finish the race. At that point, Junior, Kairee Hodapp, picked up her pace and was the 1st place runner. She ended the race in 2nd place. Junior, Helena Goutsis finished in 3rd place, and looked comfortable throughout the entire race. Junior, Taylor Stewart took the 4th place spot. Josie Selm and Katherine Apsley finished in 6th and 7th place. It was a great meet for the girls despite the heat and difficult terrain.Courtesy of Wildcats Coach Stacey Nobbe.last_img read more

Nougat becomes race food

first_imgDeveloped in response to a demand from athletes, Wedgewood Nougat’s food innovation has an energy value of 352kj made up of simple and complex carbohydrates.(Image: Wedgewood Nougat) MEDIA CONTACTS • Paul Walters   Marketing director, Wedgewood Nougat   +27 33 330 7444 RELATED ARTICLES • World-class food factory in SA  • Coke launches ‘green’ factory, bottle • Africa’s greenest hotel for Cape Town • Nedbank achieves carbon neutrality • VW builds R500m ‘green’ press shop Cadine PillayOur story begins in a family kitchen 13 years ago in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, with a woman who was passionate about food and her husband who could turn his hand to anything.Gilly and Taffy Walters started Wedgewood Nougat as a family business with their three sons, Paul, Steve and Jon; today it produces some of the most delicious confectionery that is exported to all parts of the world.And now Wedgewood Nougat has innovatively entered the sports nutrition market by reinventing its nougat as an energy food for athletes, called Race Food.Race FoodQuite simply, Race Food is normal Wedgewood nougat that is less sweet and softer to chew. It is also packaged in a size and format that suits the athlete. The idea for Race Food was sparked when the company was approached by a handful of athletes who already trained and raced on its nougat.“It turned out our nougat was a perfect mix of simple and complex carbohydrates as well as protein just as it was,” says Paul Walters, the marketing director. But some changes were needed to ensure the athletes did not choke on a nut and to make the product easier to unwrap and chew.With input from the athletes, the Wedgewood team decided to grab the market and run with it. The company developed a product and branding, and Wedgewood launched Race Food in September 2012.“We think that the South African market is refreshingly passionate and expectedly competitive when it comes to sports nutrition,” Walters says. “After spending time marketing in the UK and Europe, South Africa is more spontaneous and friendly.”Handmade for competition“Race Food is handmade like all Walters confectionery. Handmade brings the art back into food because there are some things that machines just can’t do.”Each 22g bar has an energy value of 352kj made up of simple and complex carbohydrates. It also has 5.3% protein and 11.6% fats from almonds and egg white, zero cholesterol, no preservatives, no artificial colours, and is dairy and gluten free.“Race Food can be used as an energy snack before or after sports like rugby, soccer and athletics, but the real value is appreciated by the endurance athletes, who seek the right mix of simple and complex carbs that help them to maintain a sustained energy level during events.”Despite the success of Wedgewood Nougat, the Walters family are adamant they never want their brand to lose its home-crafted, handmade appeal. “Quality over quantity is always a dilemma, but we’re interested in slow, sustainable growth,” Walters explains. “We don’t want to get too big. And we’ll never compromise on our quality ingredients: 36% nut and a 12% honey content, no preservatives or added gelatine, and small-batch manufacturing process … Essentially, Wedgewood is a quality nougat, and we aim to keep it that way.”Environmentally awareThe company appears to take as much care in its approach to the environment. Wedgewood, says Walters, makes its own bio-diesel from used vegetable oil. This powers three vehicles, a backup generator, fork lift, farm tractor and biscuit oven. The bio-fuel burns cleaner and emits 70% less carbon.Steve Walters, called “sustainable Steve” by his family, has some interesting long-term plans to make the factory site fully environmentally friendly and mostly self-sustaining. It is his dream to harvest rain water, which will be treated before it is used in the family homes planned next door and in aquaculture ponds.“In turn, this water will be cleansed from its nitrates as food for hydroponic vegetable tunnels, and recirculated back to the fish ponds. All the organic waste will go to compost, which will both heat up water for the fish ponds and fertilise the gardens and orchard,” Steve Walters explains.“Waste [will go] into a submerged sewerage treatment plant that will convert organic matter, through a series of bacterial anaerobic chambers, into available nitrates to feed into orchards. Ultimately, the fish, fruit and vegetables will feed their own families.”Helping othersWedgewood also partners with Ethembeni, a local charity. For every gift box sold, Wedgewood donates 50c to the charity. “We have raised R200 000 to date,” says Paul Walters.Furthermore, from every package sold Wedgewood also donates 50c to the Wildlands Conservation Trust. The idea is to support projects of an outdoor sports nature, but customers are also able to go online and choose which project they wish to support.“Conservation is something that we are very passionate about,” he says. “We believe that gone are the days when you can operate a business just for profit. Profit is important, but we believe that neither your business nor your brand will be sustainable unless you bring your environment and your community needs into your bottom line.”last_img read more

Geocaching Block Party Video and GIFF Winners Revealed

first_img SharePrint RelatedAttend the World’s Mega-EventMay 14, 2013In “Community”August Goes to the Mega-EventsAugust 12, 2013In “Community”Dear Geocaching Diary: Orange Headbands for the WinSeptember 1, 2013In “Community” Share with your Friends:More Adventurers from around the globe joined Geocaching HQ staff on August 17, 2013 to celebrate International Geocaching Day.  It’s tempting to measure the Geocaching Block Party 2013 in attendance (more than 3,000) or by the number of countries represented by geocachers (more than 12), but we preferred to look up from shaking hands and swapping stories and just measure the Geocaching Block Party in smiles—and there was plenty to smile about. Geocachers soaked up the creative geocaches, clever wordplay and tricky clues of a newly launched Geocaching HQ GeoTour. Geocaching HQ also debuted a new geocache type, Lab Caches, and asked geocachers to help test the new style of geocaching (potentially coming to a Mega-Event near you). Plus, did we mention getting to meet 3,000 other geocachers from around the world?Check out the new Geocaching Block Party 2013 video to experience the thrill of the event. Make no mistake, we want to see you in the next video. Put it on your calendar, make your travel plans and log your ‘Will Attend’ for the Geocaching Block Party 2014 on August 16, 2014. Keep scrolling down for the winners of the Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) and more pictures from the Geocaching Block Party.Click the image to see more than 450 pictures from The Geocaching Block Party 2013The Geocaching Block Party didn’t stop when the sun went down. Geocachers rallied for the first annual Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF). Annnnnnnnnnd the winners are…  Most Adventurous FilmThe Story Behind the Log – By: FredericBrotMost Instructional FilmGeocaching Norway – By: WoodneyepatchBest CinematographyGalaxycache – By: aak7Audience AwardMy Geocaching Addiction – By: Mayberryman & DrjbrokeMost Inspirational FilmThe Best Days of Our Lives – By: FrederikHastMost Creative/Experimental FilmMy Geocaching Addiction – By: Mayberryman & DrjbrokeCongratulations to each of the winners and all of the entries. Each finalist received a 1-year Geocaching Premium membership. Each award winner received a 5-year Geocaching Premium membership, a personalized (and super cool) trophy and a GIFF Geocoin. Want to see the finalists? There are two ways: attend a Mega-Event that will be screening them or view them online in Spring 2014. Mega-Event hosts should contact Geocaching HQ to request a DVD to screen at their event.The view from the waaay back at GIFFlast_img read more

Relationships Over Transactions

first_imgThe relationships you have with your customers is worth more than a single transaction. You dramatically change the relationship by over-vauling the transaction.You might be able to push your dream client to buy before they are ready. You might know how to use tactics like tie-downs to lock them into a decision. By locking your dream client into a decision they weren’t yet ready to make, you put the transaction before the relationship. Your dream client now carries a negative feeling about you because you demonstrated that the sales was more important to you than the person you sold.You might be able to take advantage of a client’s lack of knowledge about what you sell to give them a price that is higher than any price you might charge someone who knows the value of what you are selling. Over time, as your client learns that you took advantage them, they will come to discover that you put the single sale above the relationship. You won’t make another sale to this client, and they will share the bad experience they had with others.Sometimes your prospective customer will want to buy what you sell before they are capable of benefiting from what you provide them. By selling them what they want, you allowed them to fail, and likely cost them time and money. By taking their money, you have demonstrated that the transaction was worth more than the potential relationship.The value of the relationship is worth more than a single transaction. When you get this wrong, you make a single sale. When you get this right, you develop the kind of trusted relationship that gives you access to all the future transactions–and maybe even exclusive rights to all of those future transactions. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

EC bans PDS bags sporting Vajpayee’s picture in HP

first_imgThe Election Commission on Sunday stopped the distribution of empty ration bags (carry bags) carrying a photo of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The bags were being distributed free to PDS consumers via state government controlled fair price shops.”Henceforth, no bags will be issued to the consumers of PDS with a picture of any political leader, of whatever stature he or she is,” Chief Election Commissioner V.S. Sampath told reporters in Shimla on Sunday.He said that the action has been taken on the basis of a complaint that free bags sporting a picture of the former Prime Minister were being distributed in the state. The free cotton shopping bag scheme was launched on August 15 this year for 16 lakh ration card holders of the state.V.S. Sampath said that the EC had received a number of election related complaints from political parties. He also hinted at removal of retired officers, close to Prem Kumar Dhumal, who were given extensions in recent years.”Those who are sitting on certain sensitive posts and may try to influence the election process, appropriate action will be taken against them. The commission will also look into other complaints against officers with doubtful integrity posted in the districts,” V.S. Sampath said.Sampath, who was in Shimla to review election preparedness, said that a three-tier system has been put into place to check paid news. He said that the EC has also received complaints against the Shimla unit of Doordarshan that it is not working in an impartial manner.”We will take up the matter with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting,”  he said.advertisementlast_img read more

TNEA counselling 2019 to begin tomorrow, check rank-wise counselling details

first_imgTNEA 2019: The counselling process for Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA) 2019 will begin from tomorrow June 25, 2019. The candidates who are going to seek admission can visit the official website for all the information. The TNEA rank list 2019 were released on June 20, 2019. The complete schedule for the same has been released at tneaonline.in or tndte.gov.in.This year more than 1.33 lakh candidates registered for Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA) 2019 Entrance Examination and out which 1.04 lakh candidates took part in the certificate verification process. The counselling for TNEA will be for the engineering seats of Anna University, Government or Government Aided Colleges and other seats related engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.TNEA 2019: Important datesTNEA 2019 application started: May 2, 2019Last date to submit TNEA application form: May 31, 2019TNEA Rank list 2019 released on: June 20, 2019Counselling for special reservation (in person): Differently Abled quota – June 25, 2019Counselling for special reservation (in person): Ex-Servicemen quota – June 26, 2019Counselling for special reservation (in person): Sports quota – June 27, 2019Counselling and seat allotment: July 3 to 28, 2019Supplementary counselling (In Person): July 29, 2019SCA to SC counselling (In person): July 30, 2019TNEA 2019 counselling ends on: July 30, 2019TNEA 2019: First counsellingThe first physical counselling session will begin for the differently-abled people (PwD) from June 25 (Tuesday).TNEA 2019: Counselling timingThe counselling will be held through two sessions morning (from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm) and afternoon (1:30 to 4:30 pm).The first session for the counselling will be for candidates from 1-80 rankThe second session for the counselling for 81-138 rank holders under the categoryMultiple session will be done on June 26, rank holders till 950Multiple session will be done on June 27, students till rank 1650advertisementTNEA 2019: Counselling for vocationalThe counselling for vocational streams will also start from June 26 and will conclude on June 28. It will be held at Central Polytechnic College (Integrated Workshop), Taramani, Chennai.Number of counselling: Seven counselling sessions will be conducted each dayTiming: the counselling will beginning from 9:30 am and ending at 5:30 pmTNEA 2019: Counselling for ex-servicemen The wards of ex-servicemen have to appear on June 26 for counselling.TNEA 2019: Counselling for sportspersonsThe wards of sportspersons have to appear on June 27 for counselling.TNEA 2019: Documents needed On the day of counselling the candidates need to carry these documents along with them:Class 10 mark sheetClass 12, 11 mark sheets (or equivalent)HSC hall ticket (class 12 admit card)Photo identity proof like Aadhaar card, election ID card, driving licenceTransfer certificate from the last school attendedNativity certificate (in case applicable)Category certificate (applicable category)READ:Union Budget 2019: FICCI recommends changes in allocation of funds under education READ: NEET Counselling 2019: Registration for round one to end today at 5pmlast_img read more

Anton Gill Had To Turn Off His Cell Phone Because Of All The Texts He Received After Game vs. N.C. State

first_imgAnton Gill goes up for layup vs. NC State.Twitter/‏@CBSSportsCBB Earlier, we posted a photo of little-used sophomore guard Anton Gill getting mobbed by his Louisville teammate. Gill hadn’t scored since February 28 and had played just 23 total minutes in March before last night’s game, when he came in for 11 minutes and scored seven clutch points, hitting all three of his shots from the field. Gill’s surprise performance helped Louisville outlast N.C. State in the Sweet 16 match-up, and afterwards, he told Sports Illustrated‘s Pete Thamel that he received so many texts that he had to turn his phone off.Anton Gill after his big night. “I had to turn my phone off.” Said he had 30-35 texts.— Pete Thamel (@SIPeteThamel) March 28, 2015Louisville can use another big left from Gill tomorrow, when the Cardinals face Tom Izzo’s upstart Michigan State Spartans for a chance to make the Final Four.last_img read more

Ohio State Football Players Call Out Ignorant Fans For Telling Them To Just Worry About Football

first_imgOhio State Buckeye fans doing the "O-H-I-O" chant.COLUMBUS, OH – SEPTEMBER 27: Ohio State Buckeyes fans cheer on their team against the Minnesota Golden Gophers on September 27, 2008 at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)A couple of Ohio State’s best players, Cardale Jones and Michael Thomas, took to Twitter this morning to voice their opinions on a social matter. The Buckeyes’ quarterback and wide receiver each published a series of tweets regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement. While college football players (and most of the population) would probably be better off not ever going on Twitter, it was nice to see two of the sport’s premier players speak their minds. This apparently upset some of Ohio State’s fan base, as Jones and Thomas were both told by Twitter users to stop talking and just worry about the 2015 season. Jones, Thomas and Buckeye quarterback Stephen Collier then used Twitter to call out these fans. Cool it.. We can’t afford the NCAA suspending you https://t.co/bP2TJ9EqtJ— Smash Williams (@matteojustquit) July 23, 2015This my Twitter my voice so mind yah business buddy.. Thank you https://t.co/yon6DFmOK2— Mike Thomas (@Cantguardmike) July 23, [email protected] Sorry Mr master, I aints allow to tweet nothing but foolsball stuff I donts want you think I more than a foots ball playa sir— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_) July 23, 2015Ignorant. https://t.co/HtVjQSG1SH— Stephen Collier (@S13Collier) July 23, 2015One thing about your own opinion, ITS YOURS!— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_) July 23, 2015Every college football fan base has its share of psychos, so this is not an indictment on the type of people who root for Ohio State. Keep speaking your mind, Cardale and Michael.last_img read more