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first_imgEducators from Cambridge’s public schools voiced their approval as Suzanne Bouffard, a researcher and writer with the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), spoke about the galvanizing power of helping students believe that college is a goal they can not only pursue, but can master and achieve.“Students need to believe that they can go to college,” she said. “It’s having the opportunity to master that experience, not simply being told that they’re able to do it.”Bouffard, the co-author of “Ready, Willing, and Able: A Developmental Approach to College Access and Success” with Mandy Savitz-Romer, the director of the Prevention Science and Practice Program and senior lecturer on education at HGSE, addressed the crowd March 14 as part of a professional development class through Harvard’s Project Teach.Created 25 years ago as a way to connect Harvard with the Cambridge public schools (CPS), Project Teach now involves sharing a research-based approach with educators in the local schools. The new model includes lesson plans for teachers to use before and after the visit to Harvard’s campus, aimed at helping to establish college as a future prospect as early as in middle school.This year, Project Teach will bring every seventh grader from the Cambridge schools to Harvard, with students selecting from courses such as English, science, the social sciences, and the arts, and with Harvard faculty members leading the discussions. Building upon last year’s program, the 2014 initiative will provide take-home activities for students’ families and classroom discussions preceding and after the event, helping shape a framework for young students to visualize a future on a college campus.“The redesign of Project Teach is one way that Harvard demonstrates an ongoing commitment to refining programs so that we can enhance the productive partnership with the Cambridge public schools, the students, and families,” said Kevin Casey, associate vice president for public affairs and communications. “We are proud to partner with Superintendent [Jeffrey] Young and C.P.S. to reach a goal of increasing the long-term academic success of all of these students.”One of the attendees, Cambridge Street Upper School head of school Manuel Fernandez, recalled the impact that visiting Harvard had on his students last year.“I was moved by the responses of my students. For many, it was their first time on a college campus,” he said. “The formal and informal presentations made many of them feel that they could actually go to college. That, in and of itself, makes the trip so very important for our student population.”In addition, Fernandez said, Project Teach’s training for educators helped to provide new ways to “support students in creating a college-going identity. It energized my team to think about strategies that we can implement on a daily basis, and ways that we can help students to maximize their assets.”Establishing that long-range vision, Bouffard said, is vital, and equally important as encouraging students to open their minds to academic opportunities. In essence, “what matters most is what [a student] believes” in determining his or her future success.”“I’m not saying that money isn’t important. I’m saying that it’s not the only motivator,” she said. “Different students respond to different motivations, and it’s finding those motivators that helps determine each student’s success.”Project Teach is one of many programs at Harvard that engage local students.  To learn more about the University’s partnerships with local schools, visit Harvard Community Connections on the Web.last_img read more

Revenge porn victim files judicial review of Pornography Law

first_imgPA said her ex-husband, who is 14 years her senior and who married her when she was 16, asked to record their sexual activity for private consumption. She herself had never seen the video. She later found out that, after their divorce, the man distributed the video without her consent.However, instead of going after her ex-husband, the police charged PA with violating Article 8 of the Pornography Law, which forbids a person “from deliberately, or with their consent, becoming an object or model of pornographic content.”She said she requested a judicial review against Article 8 because the article was ambiguous and enabled the abuse of power.”With this standard, anyone has the potential to become a violator [of the law] even if [the alleged pornographic content] is intended for personal consumption or [the subject is a victim of] coercion, threats or deception,” PA said in her petition.PA demanded the article be annulled and declared contrary to the 1945 Constitution. According to PA, Article 8 of the Pornography Law gave the state license to interfere in private matters.”The provisions are vague because there are so many factors that can influence someone’s willingness to become a model or object including personal reasons, which is a factor of privacy. Everyone is entitled to the right to privacy,” she said. (aly)Topics : A woman from Garut regency, West Java, who claims to be the victim of revenge porn but who was charged by the police for violating the 2008 Pornography Law, has filed a judicial review against Article 8 of the law at the Constitutional Court.The court uploaded the woman’s petition on its website on Monday.According to the petition, the woman, identified only as PA, initially reported her ex-husband to Garut Police for commercially distributing a video of their past sexual activity without her knowledge.last_img read more

Agbeko crowned new IBO Bantamweight Champion

first_imgGhana’s Joseph King-Kong Agbeko has been crowned the new IBO Bantamweight Champion after beating Columbia’s Luis Melendez in 12 rounds of exciting exchanges.The Ghanaian won by a unanimous decision with referee Deon Dwarte of South Africa scoring the bout 117-111, Ataa Eddie Pappoe of Ghana, 119-111 and Laten Oumgar of the Netherlands also scoring the bout 117-113.It was quite a difficult tussle for the Ghanaian who made a return to the ring for the first time in 15 months and was made to sweat for the victory.After a cautious start in the first round the two pugilists threw caution to the wind in the second and traded lots of punches much to the excitement of the partisan crowd.But it was the Columbian who came strongly with a spirited performance, attacking from all angles but failing to exert power in his flurry of punches.Agbeko backtracked for most part of the rounds but came in with a well timed, accurate punches to the body of his opponent. In the fifth round, one of Agbeko’s favourite left hooks landed on the chin of Melendez which sent him wobbling temporarily but he recovered quickly. Agbeko failed to follow up with a deadly punch which was pretty much the story of the night. Agbeko looked a bit rusty and had his opponent beaming with confidence as the bout went on but the Columbian also failed to land his punches well, even though many of them were thrown.Agbeko won but through the hard way. He does have a lot of work to do if he should retain the title.Meanwhile the Columbian believes the verdict was a bit exaggerated. Through his interpreter, he told journalists after the bout that he thought the bout was closer than the verdict had to show.He said he is ready for a re-match anywhere, anytime.The following is a minute-by-minute detail of the IBO Bout organised by Fresh King Entertainment and sponsored by RLG. Round Twelve Melendez is attacking early in the last round. Agbeko backtracking. Melendez goes down but referee says it’s a slip. Agbeko finishes strongly with some great jabs and hooks. Its all over here at the Accra Sports Stadium. Both boxers have their ring side men carrying them shoulder high. It looks close to call though. Round Eleven Melendez starts the round with more zest, moving round and throwing in some shots. Agbeko slows down looking for the opportune time to jab and punch. The pace of the fight slows down drastically. Round Ten Lots of antics by Agbeko in the round as he tries to catch the Columbia with a terrific left hook but it has been unsuccessful so far. Melendez attacks Agbeko in the last few seconds of the round with some great body punches. Round Nine The round looks more interesting with Agbeko landing some great shots on his opponent but lacks the power to make any meaningful impact. Melendez hops around teasing Agbeko to open up but the Ghanaian is being cautious. Round Eight Close to call. Agbeko lands a hefty left hook but fails to press on. Melendez comes in strong with his powerful left. Agbeko traps Melendez at the corner but fails to make the best out of the situation. Round Seven Melendez round it appears. The Columbian overwhelms the Ghanaian with his flurry body punches but does not appear to be heavy enough to send the Ghanaian down. Agbeko comes in strongly at the tail end of the round. Round Six It appears to be a round for Agbeko but Melendez is still very spirited. He is doing the attacking whilst Agbeko retreats with occasional heavy punches for Agbeko Round Five Great left hook from Agbeko that nearly sends Melendez to the canvass but he recovers so well. Agbeko is slow in reacting but the fans applaud the hook that lit up the boxing arena Round Four Melendez appears quicker and stronger with his left hook. Agbeko trying to keep the pace but failing to penetrate. Round Three It’s still close to call. Both boxers are toe-to-toe in a desperate give and take from both boxers. Boxers are more tactical this time not like the second round where it was a festival of punches. Round Two It is great piece of boxing in the second round. It is Agbeko who begins with a flurry of punches to his opponent but Melendez comes in strongly towards the tail end of the round. Interesting stuff but too early to call.Round One: It is a cautious start for both boxers. Melendez has his guards up for most part of the round. Agbeko does the chasing with few body punches to his opponent.Ring Announcer formally introduces the boxers as well as the referee Laten Oumgar from Netherlands.Batman Samini steps up to sing the National Anthem of Ghana. He does quite well and tries to charge the crowd.Mr Martinez sings the National Anthem for Columbia. Short but poorly sang by Martinez. Ring Announcer Nathaniel Attoh invites onto the stage the GBA president Peter Zwennes and the Minister of Youth and Sports Elvis Afriyie Ankrah.Its now the turn of the host Joseph King Kong Agbeko to make a triumphant entry onto the ring with R2 Bees’ ‘Walahi’ blaring hot in an electric atmosphere.Luis Melendez makes his way from his locker room to the square ring aided by Peter Tosh’s Equal Rights Reggae song.Its time for hostilities Its now the turn of Ike Bazooka Quartey to visit the locker room. Already the room is bubbling with lots of activities; lots of people and lots of singing. Joshua Clottey is present in the room too. The Minister of Youth and Sports Elvis Afriyie Ankrah makes his way into the locker room as well to motivate the Ghana boxer. Boxing Professor Azuma Zoom Zoom Nelson pays a visit to the King Kong at his locker room where is getting ready for a crucial bout. The Prof is sharing a last minute advice to the king-kong who needs this victory badly to relaunch his career. Meanwhile Melendez is also getting ready for the bout.It is Manyo Plange against Moses Dodzi in the third undercard bout of the night and already Plange is on fire. Dodzi visits the canvass in the first round of the Bantam weight contest. He beats the count and makes a return but Plange appears too tough a customer for him. Again in the third round, Dodzi goes down. He struggles to beat the mandatory count but referee says he is too wobbly to continue the bout. Referee waves his hands in the air; downhearted Dodzi goes but its all jollity for Plange who has succeeded in getting his eight straight knockouts.Emmanuel Addo wins the light weight bout against Richard Amenfu courtesy a fourth round technical knockout. It is the second undercard bout of the night.Addo says he ready for Emmanuel Tagoe.Live UpdatesFormer Bantam weight world champion Joseph Kingkong Agbeko makes a desperate return for a world title and faces Columbian Luis Melendez in an IBO Bantamweight bout at the Accra Sports Stadium.last_img read more