Lindsay Lohans GTA V lawsuit is finally over she lost

first_imgIf you review Lindsay Lohan’s life over the past several years then it does actually read like a mission or two you’d find in Grand Theft Auto V. But she’s not in the game, at least officially, and now the Supreme Court has ruled she’s not unofficially in it, either.You may remember back in 2014 Lohan decided to sue Rockstar claiming that Grand Theft Auto V contains a character that is based on her. That character is called Lacey Jonas, with her tag line being, “I’m really famous. I didn’t do anything.”Here’s Lacey Jonas as seen and heard in the game:The lawsuit clearly was without merit and basically a cash grab if I had to guess. Rockstar and publisher Take-Two had nothing to worry about, right? Well, it took until March of this year for a judge to rule the case could go forward, meaning a visit to the Supreme Court and a few sleepless nights for Take-Two’s lawyers.If she won there’d be some ridiculous demands that ultimately got pared-down to a pay out. But thankfully such a negotiation is never going to have to happen because Lindsay Lohan has finally lost her case. The Supreme Court ruled that Lohan’s name or photograph are not used in the game and Lohan never performed as an actor for the game. So there is no direct association at all.Just as importantly, the court made it clear that GTA V is a work of fiction and satire. The story and characters are fictional and therefore Lohan has no claim. Hopefully this is enough of a deterrent to stop her lawyers attempting to file an appeal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.last_img read more

Hellblade Has Me More Excited to Play God of War

first_img Hands-On: ‘Stranded Sails’ Is a Relaxing Farm Sim AdventureHere’s an Hour of Incomprehensible ‘Death Stranding’ Gameplay I’ve been a fan of the God of War series since the beginning. Because of that, I am understandably excited to play the new God of War. With that said, I had some concern after seeing its initial trailer. After all, this upcoming installment will (seemingly) ditch many of the franchise’s conventions to deliver something fresh. While I admit the old formula had gotten stale, I was unsure if this new direction would actually work.Then I played Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.Hellblade is the latest game from developer Ninja Theory. It tells the story of a young Celtic warrior who suffers from mental illness. Despite her inner turmoil, Senua bravely faces off against ancient Norse gods and the challenges put before her. Though it is an indie game, Hellblade has the same production value of a full AAA title. In some ways, Hellblade reinvents the action adventure genre that God of War firmly belongs to.While going through Hellblade, I couldn’t help but think about how excited it made me about playing the new God of War. We haven’t gotten a complete look at God of War’s gameplay, but it seems to share many similarities with Hellblade. Because of Hellblade‘s brilliant execution, I am now less worried about God of War. If God of War is anything like Hellblade, it could potentially be the best entry in the venerable series.Based on the trailers, God of War appears to have an extremely close-up camera angle. This type of viewpoint could potentially make combat more difficult, if not downright confusing. Hellblade’s point of view is also extremely close. However, even when surrounded by multiple enemies, I never found the camera angle burdensome. I was perfectly aware of my surroundings at all times.Since this extremely close-up angle isn’t a hindrance in Hellblade, then it shouldn’t present a problem in God of War if implemented correctly. Hellblade does a great job of giving you spacial awareness through the voices in Senua’s head. If a voice says “behind you” then you’ll know to dodge. Kratos will travel with his son, so it’s possible he’ll warn his father about enemy sneak attacks. There are a variety of ways to handle this, but God of War can deliver satisfactory combat even with the camera being so close to Kratos.In the original God of War series, Kratos fought the Greek gods. This time, he faces the deities of Norse mythology. This is an idea the God of War team had for many years but are now actually realizing. In all honesty, I thought the concept of Kratos headlining a world tour where he killed regional gods was corny. I was perfectly fine with him sticking to the Greek pantheon. Seeing Kratos battling a frost giant and meeting the world serpent made me realize how wrong I was.One of my favorite aspects of Hellblade is how deep it delves into Norse mythology. There are runes scattered throughout the game that regales Senua with ancient Norse stories. Much in the way the God of War series taught me about Greek myths, Hellblade enlightened me on Norse mythology. These stories and the cold north that inspired them are actually perfect for an action game. Since God of War has a higher budget than Hellblade, it can contain a great number of interesting Norse gods and characters.From the look of the trailers, God of War will have a more serious tone than previous installments. Some have even compared it to The Last of Us in that regard. Though God of War delved into the tragedy of Kratos’ life, it mostly focused on his blood lust and anger toward the gods. I found this new, more somber direction intriguing. At the same time, I feared the game would somehow diminish the powerful Kratos.The core of Hellblade is about Senua overcoming her inner demons. Throughout the game, disturbing voices and dark visions plague Senua’s mind. She has difficulty discerning reality from illusion. It’s a very harrowing journey, especially for those who have experience with mental illness. Despite being such an emotional game, Hellblade is still exciting to play. There is no ludo-narrative dissonance here. Exhilarating gameplay and captivating story blend seamlessly together.Hellblade’s masterful balance of action and pathos is something that could work equally well in God of War. There is no reason why Kratos can’t display a greater range of emotions while still retaining his powerful persona. More than any game I’ve played recently, Hellblade shows that even a mighty warrior is susceptible to human frailty. I want to see Kratos go through a similar journey as Senua.If you’re one of the folks concerned about God of War’s new direction, please do yourself a favor and play Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. If you’re like me, then playing through this game should help alleviate some of the concerns you may have about Kratos’ upcoming adventure. Hellblade gives us a good idea of what to expect in God of War and shows there’s still room to innovate the action genre.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more