Most Extreme Anime Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

first_img ‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting…Casio G-SHOCK Unveils ‘Akira’-Inspired ‘Neo Tokyo̵… Stay on target There isn’t one way to describe anime makeup. There’s so much room for creativity and the beauty of it is that people can be whoever they want to be, whether it’s a Disney princess, Erza Scarlet, or Sailor Moon.Over the past few years, anime makeup has grown in popularity, as major culture conventions, including Anime Expo and  New York Comic Con, attract attendees that take the cosplay look to the next level. According to Cosplay Calamity statistics, almost 67 percent of cosplayers prefer to dress up as anime characters. Plus, 50.7 percent of respondents said an anime character was their first cosplay costume.With the anime makeup boom, there are so many ways to rock a favorite character. A good introduction to anime makeup might be a subtle gorgeous eye or lightly highlighted skin, For the ultimate fantasy complexion, there are creepy-colored contacts, hair extensions, and special effects (FX) products.But, where do you find beauty inspiration for all things anime? YouTube could be a good starting point. The digital platform is home to thousands of anime makeup tutorials for all ages and levels. From Diabolik Lovers to Hatsune Miku, you’ll find step-by-step guides on how to transform yourself into these cool characters.To get you started, we’ve rounded up the most extreme anime makeup tutorials on YouTube. Spoiler alert: You’ll witness unbelievable before and after photos for each video.Female Kaneki Cosplay Makeup TutorialTake the creep factor up to the next level with this Tokyo Ghoul makeup tutorial.Chibiusa/Chibi Moon Anime Makeup TutorialRemember Chibiusa from the Sailor Moon magna series? You can now get your pink on in less than 15 minutes.Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers) Makeup TutorialTwins? We think so. We can’t tell the difference between the cartoon and this YouTuber.Ichigo Vasto Lorde – Bleach – Anime Makeup TutorialIchigo Vasto Lorde is here to haunt your dreams. We’ll just admire the face paint and horns for our cosplay dreams.Cotton Candy Princess Makeup TutorialThis YouTuber gives major Candyland vibes with her Cotton Candy Princess tutorial.Hatsune Miku MakeupMichelle Phan, an American makeup artist, transforms herself into the coolest J-pop singer in this easy step-by-step video.Beauty and the Beast – Belle Anime Makeup TutorialBelle, is that you? This Disney-inspired makeup tutorial comes with fun props too.Yuno Gasai Makeup TutorialPink contacts and hair complete this ultimate Yuno Gasai-inspired anime look.More on Geek.com: The Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All TimeThe Best Horror Anime Available for StreamingThe Best Dubbed Anime Availablelast_img read more

Skyscanner devises formula for happy holiday Aust

first_imgSkyscanner devises formula for happy holidayAustralia, Canada and South Africa have been voted the happiest holiday destinations by UK travellers.Over 1000 people were polled in a survey conducted by Skyscanner, which examined various components of a holiday including the quality of accommodation, food, length of flight, weather, duration, motivation for the trip, travelling companions as well as details of planning and paying.Further and longer = happierDespite the popularity of the UK ‘staycation’, Skyscanner’s study showed that people are happiest when they go abroad, and the further away the better, with six of the top ten happiest holiday destinations being long haul. The survey also revealed that those who were most happy had been away for the longest period.The countries ranked in order of happiness were:1. Australia2. Canada3. S Africa4. India5. France6. Thailand7. USA8. Italy9. Portugal10. Greece11. Spain12. Turkey13. Germany14. UK Psychologist Cliff Arnall, speaking on behalf of Skyscanner, explained the reasons behind the findings:“As great as holidaying in the UK can be, most people enjoy experiencing somewhere different with a better climate. Short haul trips to Europe can offer this, but they are also now relatively common. Long haul holidays tend to be for longer periods of time and have greater impact because they are seen as more special than staying in the UK or catching flights to Spain, for example.”Overall, 69% of those surveyed were ‘ecstatic’ or ‘very happy’ about their last holiday. This is due to the fact that people enjoy the relaxation achieved by a holiday says Arnall: “Two thirds of working people dislike their jobs and many resent the routine associated with the predictable, mundane nature of things at home. Being on holiday is an ideal escape from this and is both stimulating and relaxing.”Money can buy happinessThe study also revealed that contrary to popular belief, money can in fact buy happiness; those who had spent more than £3000 per person on their holiday were the most happy. This ties in with the longer haul destinations, and may also in part be due to the type of trip; for example a honeymoon or a ‘once in a lifetime’ voyage has extra special meaning and is likely to cost more.Shared decisionsA sense of sharing was also important, with the happiest people making a joint contribution in planning and paying for the trip. “Holiday planning, especially when done jointly, is a very satisfying activity. As long as all concerned feel they are making a contribution and having their views taken into account then planning is both enjoyable and makes people feel emotionally closer to each other.” says Arnall.The importance of companionsThe survey showed that it takes more than just money to make a happy holiday; the choice of travel companion and socialising once there is also significant. Those who had holidayed with friends and also made new friends whilst away, were happiest. How visitors are treated by their local hosts also affected happiness; the more welcoming and friendly they are, the better the experience.Whatever the weatherGood weather was also important to achieve maximum satisfaction whilst on holiday. This is especially relevant for those living in the UK where the climate is unpredictable and a common cause of complaint. Therefore the guarantee of sun (or snow) is a vital factor in holiday happiness.Great expectations?Expectations and the planning of a trip also affected satisfaction. Rather than having heightened expectations that were then dashed, the survey found that those who had planned a long time in advance were happiest. Arnall explains:“Booking ahead provides two very important positives; something to look forward to and something to tell other people about. People who have booked ahead well in advance have the satisfaction (and some might say smugness!) of knowing exactly where they are going and when. Telling other people about nice things you are going to do is a crucial part of boosting self-esteem and achieving social status.”The Holiday Happiness FormulaAlthough there is no exact science to travel, using the findings on factors that affect holiday happiness, Skyscanner has devised a psychological formula for a happy holiday: H = (I x P) + M + A + W + R + (D – d) H – Holiday happiness: the level of contentment felt whilst on holidayI – Interpersonal connections: genuinely getting on with the people you are travelling with and meeting new people whilst on holiday is a very important part of having a happy holiday experience.P – Planning: includes all aspects of researching the destination and travel arrangements. M – Motivation: visiting a destination you always wanted to go to, a place that holds some fascination or desire for you. A – Accommodation: includes the comfort, cleanliness, location and the quality of food.W – Weather: the predictability of temperature, winds, daylight and dryness all combine to decrease psychological stress and increase mood and relaxation. R – Reflection: taking the time to appreciate the new things you are experiencing whilst away and also appreciating what you have at home. D – Distance: destinations further away from the UK correlated with greater overall holiday satisfaction. This is due to such destinations being less common, more special trips. d – Delays: the longer the delay the higher the stress and unhappiness with the holiday. This is an unpredictable part of travelling which can reduce overall happiness.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedHead down under to banish the bluesSkyscanner has shown that Brits who escaped to Australia on holiday were happier than in any other country.More people fly to exotic mid to long haul destinationsMore people are choosing to fly to exotic mid to long haul destinations for their main holiday,Who calls the shots? Skyscanner reveals the ‘gender effect’ on holiday choiceMen and women can go off in distinctly different directions, the latest survey from Skyscanner can reveal.last_img read more