Buried Child to Transfer to West End

first_img View Comments Ed Harris and Paul Sparks in ‘Buried Child'(Photo by Monique Carboni) After extending its engagement on multiple occasions off-Broadway last season, Buried Child is heading to the West End! Led by Oscar nominees and real-life husband and wife Ed Harris and Amy Madigan, the production will play November 14 through February 18 at Trafalgar Studios.Directed by Scott Elliott, the company of the New Group revival of Sam Shepard’s play also included Taissa Farmiga, Larry Pine, Rich Sommer, Paul Sparks and Nat Wolff. No word yet on whether they’ll be transferring with the production.Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play follows Dodge (Harris) and Halie (Madigan), who are barely hanging on to their farmland and their sanity while looking after their two wayward grown sons Tilden and Bradley. When their grandson Vince arrives with his girlfriend Shelly, no one seems to recognize him, and confusion abounds. As Vince tries to make sense of the chaos, the rest of the family dances around a deep, dark secret. Pine plays Father Dewis. Star Files Ed Harrislast_img read more

Outdoor Updates: Pisgah Inn employee pleads guilty to killing co-worker while hiking

first_imgPisgah Inn employee pleads guilty to killing co-worker while hiking Single-use plastic has been banned on the Nepali side of Mount Everest Hikers that complete all of the park’s trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park have one, and now Shenandoah National Park hikers that accomplish the same fete have one too: a special patch that illustrates their completion of all 500 miles of the park’s trails. The patch is the brainchild of Lauralee Bliss, a long-distance hiker who founded the Shenandoah 500 Mile Club in 2014.  Shenandoah 500 mile club creates patch for hikers Derek Shawn Pendergraft, 22, who worked at the Pisgah Inn, murdered his co-worker Sara Ellis while committing aggravated sexual abuse. According to Pendergraft’s plea agreement, he will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. A sentencing date has not yet been set. Pendergraft remains in federal custody.  A Pisgah Inn employee who killed his co-worker while out for a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway in July 2018 has pled guilty to first-degree murder charges and two counts of aggravated sexual abuse resulting in death.  Beginning in January 2020, single-use plastics will be banned from the world’s tallest mountain. The announcement comes after Nepalese officials removed 11 tons of garbage from Mount Everest in May. The ban covers plastics less than 0.03 millimeters thick, including chip and food bags, wrappers, and plastic bottles containing anything other than water. Trekkers and climbers will not be allowed to bring banned items to the mountain and shops along the way will be forbidden to sell them. Hikers who reach their goal of walking all of the park’s trails can earn the badge, but the experience is about so much more than logging miles, says Bliss. “It’s not about getting a patch, it’s about so much more,” Bliss told Fredricksburg.com. “Make it a journey, not a destination. This is a way to discover all the secrets of the Shenandoah through this program. [The patch] is not the goal of it, it’s actually just to learn, commune and to seek the good in yourself and others while you’re doing it.”  Punishment for breaking the new rule has not yet been determined, but the Nepalese government is working with the Nepal Mountaineering Association, airlines and trekking companies to enforce the rule, The Himalayan Times reports.last_img read more

When in error, don’t compound your mistakes

first_imgWhen in error, don’t compound your mistakes When in error, don’t compound your mistakes ( Editors’ note: We here at the Bar News were curious about whether Bar grievance files have constructive information that could help practitioners either avoid the disciplinary process or mitigate the damage that comes from violating Bar rules. We sent out an inquiry to Bar staff counsel and got several replies. The story in this issue begins a now-and-then series highlighting cases that we hope can help Bar members in their practices and in any dealings with the grievance process.) Senior EditorOne of those basic lessons a parent usually teaches a child at a young age is that when you make a mistake, own up to it. Trying to cover it up or lying about it only makes it worse.It works that way with Bar rules, too, as a Central Florida attorney recently found out. And in two other complaints, the same lawyer found that the disciplinary process takes a dim view of an attorney who takes an adverse position to clients, even on relatively minor cases.The main case involved a woman who hired the attorney to explore a case against the Mars candy company. The woman claimed to have broken a tooth upon biting into an M&M. After writing one letter, the attorney took no other action, and the woman filed a grievance after the statute of limitations expired.When contacted by the Bar, the lawyer provided a letter he claimed had been sent to the client, advising her he was withdrawing from the case and that the statute of limitations would soon expire. An alert laymember investigating for the grievance committee noticed the typeface and style of the letter differed from other office correspondence. The secretary whose initials appeared at the end of the letter denied having prepared it.The attorney sent three letters to the Bar grievance committee indicating the letter was authentic, but eventually admitted he had created and backdated the letter in a panic after realizing the statute of limitations had passed. He wrote a letter to the client conceding the fraud and offered mediation to compensate her for her damages.The Supreme Court, in its order on the case, took a dim view of the misconduct.“[The attorney] has demonstrated a basic, fundamental dishonesty. When demonstrated, this is a serious flaw, which cannot be tolerated,” the court said. “We have stated that ‘[d]ishonesty and a lack of candor cannot be tolerated by a profession that relies on the truthfulness of its members.’ Florida Bar v. Korones, 752 So. 2d 586 (Fla. 2000).”Elizabeth Conan, Bar staff counsel who handled the case, said the lesson is obvious. “Owning up to the error, that goes miles with the grievance committee and miles with any Bar counsel I know,” she said. “That’s part of the mitigating standards we look at if it goes to a referee.”Indeed, the referee in this case noted the other complaints would have likely resulted in only a public reprimand or admonishment, but the deception merited harsher punishment.The other two cases both involved the lawyer being hired in tort cases. In one, he represented a client in a slip-and-fall matter, in the other the client had a complaint against a restaurant. Both cases went to mediation, and the first settled for $4,250 and the second for $500. But both clients then became upset with the awards, including the one in the second case when she learned after attorneys’ fees and costs she would get $12.15.The attorney, without consulting either client, filed a motion to enforce settlement in both cases, thereby taking a position contrary to his clients’ wishes and interests. The court found evidence that the referee could have reasonably concluded the attorney filed the motion in order to collect his fees, and found him guilty of violating Rule 4-1.7 in both cases.Conan noted as soon as the attorney filed the motions to enforce settlement, “You’ve got your basic conflict of interest. The minute your interest begins to bump heads with those of your clients, it might be best to step aside. He never withdrew. We would have had a much tougher case to prove if he had withdrawn.”The court approved the referee’s recommendation of a one-year suspension, with the lawyer required to prove rehabilitation before readmission. The lawyer must also take the ethics portion of the bar exam and pay the Bar’s costs.The Bar had sought a three-year suspension, but the court rejected that, saying the case did not involve criminal misconduct or fraud upon the court. It also rejected the attorney’s appeal for a 10- to 90-day suspension. The court noted the first case involved violations of Rules 3-4.3 (conduct that is unlawful or contrary to honesty and justice), 4-1.4(a) (failing to keep a client reasonably informed and failing to comply with reasonable requests for information), 4-8.1(a) (knowingly making a false statement of fact in a disciplinary proceeding), 4-8.4(c) (engaging in conduct that is fraudulent, dishonest, deceitful, or misrepresentation), and 4-8.4(d) (engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice) and that raised the “misconduct to an extremely serious level.”That alone, the court said, justified the one-year suspension, and the other two cases only bolstered that sanction.To see the entire opinion, visit the court’s Web site at www.flcourts.org, and go to the November 7 Supreme Court decisions and call up case no. SC01-114. January 15, 2003 Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

December 15, 2003 Letters

first_imgAs an article in The Florida Bar News recently reported, last March I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since the time that diagnosis became public, I have been overwhelmed by your personal expressions of concern and support. Many of you have shared personal stories of your own battle with cancer or that of a close family member, reinforcing what we all know: that cancer does not discriminate.Anyone who is diagnosed with cancer has many, many difficult decisions to make. One of the decisions I struggled with was the decision to shed my wig and to publicly “go bald.” In the end I decided that going without my wig was the best course for me — to show that I had nothing to hide and to encourage others to follow their own personal choices. I realized that none of us should feel obliged to hide the consequences of cancer treatment. As a close friend counseled, if it feels comfortable, go for it. The outpouring of approval and support from so many of you was a vindication of what had seemed to be a very difficult decision.While I cannot thank each of you personally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you. You have touched my family and me more than you will ever know and you have strengthened my resolve to stay strong. So from the bottom of my heart — thank you.Barbara J. Pariente Justice Supreme Court of FloridaJudicial Selection My fellow lawyers and judges: December 15, 2003 Regular News Re: November 1, [letter to the editor] on “Student Loans.”My thoughts: If you borrowed the money, pay it back. Don’t expect the government to handle your problems from the cradle to the grave.Jeffords D. Miller KissimmeeLawyer Discipline From my 39 years practicing matrimonial law, I find that many grievances are filed when one is angry. Many times they are filed over a fee issue that could easily be resolved in negotiations. After all, in all cases involving money those matters are usually resolved in mediation; just a few go to trial. Many grievances are filed on the “spur of the moment” because of something that just may have happened in court, in the case, or in the complainant’s life.Our present procedure hurts us and the public. It does not give the complainant and the lawyer an opportunity to vent and work out their own solution. Most people feel comfortable when they are a part of the process. The present grievance procedure excludes the lawyer and the complainant from the real decision-making process. We have to come up with a better method which would help all of us. The present method hurts the public and the Bar because we invite the public and the Bar to participate in a confrontational and adversarial procedure.My suggestion to change the procedure is as follows:• The complainant can meet with the Bar, fill out the form, and have it filed.• The lawyer shall have 15 days to respond.• The lawyer and the complainant and a person from the Bar will then participate in a mediation meeting so that both the lawyer and complainant will have the opportunity to vent their concerns to someone in an official capacity. The Bar official would be trained in mediation and will have the authority to accept a resolution and close the file.• If the matter cannot be resolved at mediation, then the present procedure of investigation and the like can go forward. The third step is the new step in our procedure.Many times the complainant wants an opportunity to vent to the lawyer in front of someone in an official capacity. That defuses the emotions between the complainant and the lawyer; gives the complainant participation in the process of resolution; and gives the lawyer an opportunity to explain what happened and why. The present procedure excludes the three main players from resolution: the complainant, the lawyer, and our Bar.It was my suggestion several years ago that many of the complaints should be mediated rather than litigated as they are presently now. That procedure is presently in place. My next suggestion is that we have a preliminary mediation conference as indicated above before the matter becomes adversarial. If we are not part of our own solution then we are part of the problem.Stephen H. Butter AventuraLiving Willscenter_img December 15, 2003 Letters I am writing in response to the November 15 letter to the editor slamming Gov. Jeb Bush for expressing the opinion that judges “don’t need to be legislating, even if our legislature is imperfect, even if the governor is a crazy son of a gun. The judiciary role is not to clean up after my frailties or the weakness of the legislature.”While the writer is entirely correct in stating that the judiciary should be on guard for constitutional infirmities, nowhere in the referenced article did the governor state or imply otherwise. Rather, Gov. Bush merely criticized situations where courts actually legislate over what has already been legislated by the proper power, the legislature, irrespective of constitutional issues, something which is all too common. For expressing that concern, Gov. Bush deserves praise, not condemnation.Andrew B. Spark SarasotaStudent Loans The “living will” is important, too, for those who find value in a life where our culture, increasingly, does not.A balanced report would have elicited the admission that a living will is also not a presumption that a person wants to die if incapacitated, and would have included the example of the examining doctor with a religious or ethnic view favoring life. “Having something in place is better than nothing?” The tragedy of a disabled women denied food, water, and rehabilitation should make all of us carefully research our options, including the “Will to Live.”Guy R. Strayhorn Ft. Myerslast_img read more

Why loan analytics are key to your credit union’s profitability

first_imgOne of the most common questions I hear thrown around is, “what is the purpose of analytics?” It’s a great question, but that’s because the answer isn’t as straightforward as it might seem.The purpose of analytics is to solve complex problems with many variables. Analytics provide a multifaceted view of data sets. Each different view of those data sets gives a slightly different understanding of the data.However, that answer doesn’t specify which data is being used, or for what. Here’s why that matters:The Purpose of Analytics Changes Depending per ApplicationDifferent business units will use analytics differently. In credit unions, you may have marketers, compliance teams, loan officers, and many more all looking to get something different from an analytics solution. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

2 Killed in Dix Hills Wrong-way Police Chase Crash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A driver crashed head on with another vehicle while allegedly fleeing Suffolk County police the wrong way on Northern State Parkway in Dix Hills, killing both drivers early Tuesday morning, authorities said.An officer stopped a Dodge Durango for having license plates that did not match the vehicle at 7-Eleven on Motor Parkway in Central Islip, but when the officer tried to gauge if the driver was intoxicated, the woman fled in the SUV at 2:40 a.m., police said.The suspect, 25-year-old Brittany Vella of Middle Island, fled westbound in the eastbound lanes of the parkway before her SUV crashed into an eastbound Honda Accord between the exits for Wolf Hill Road and Route 231, police said.Officers unsuccessfully tried to use fire extinguishers to extinguish the flames and save the woman from the burning truck, police said. The second driver was identified as Sarwan NN, 60, of Smithtown. Both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene.Vehicular Crime Unit detectives impounded both vehicles, are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information on this case to call them at 631-852-6553.last_img read more

The Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality from Opatija approved five projects financed from EU funds

first_imgThe Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality (FMTU) in Ika near Opatija presented five scientific research projects aimed at improving the tourist offer, improving the education of teachers and students, for which the faculty was approved slightly more than three million kuna from European funds.Projekti će istraživati nove metode zapošljavanja studenata u gastronomskom sektoru te povećanja njihove kompetencije, razvoja novih metoda učenja među kojima je istaknuto e-učenje, provođenje održivih sportskih događanja koja mogu produžiti sezonu, mogućnosti dodatnog vrednovanja baštine – osobito nematerijalne – obale i zaleđa te unapređenja ponude kroz inovativnost i stvaranja centara znanja temeljenih na kreativnosti. „For us, these are significant financial resources, but it is very important to us that we want to have a social role and through these projects we want to contribute to improving the teaching methodology for tourism and hospitality, but also to innovate different segments of tourism offers developed through these projects.”Said Dora Smolčić Jurdana, dean of FMTU in Rijeka.Upravo financiranje projekata kroz EU fondove predstavlja jedan od prioriteta danjeg razvoja fakulteta kako bi se pojačala znanstvena istraživanja, a sve s ciljem jačanju suradnje s međunarodnim institucijama, gospodarstvom te javnim sektorom kako bi se povezala znanost i praksa, ističu iz FMTU-a. Projekti će trajati tri godine, a ostvariti će se suradnja među partnerima iz Italije, Austrije, Albanije, Slovenije, Belgije, Španjolske, Makedonije i Poljske.&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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Booking.com: 48% of Croatians want to visit destinations within Croatia, most want to stay in apartments

first_img“These are challenging times where safety is a top priority. At Booking.com, we know that in times like these, thinking about how we will start exploring the world again has great power that brings us inspiration and a good mood. It’s amazing to see the range of different travel experiences our customers dream about during the period they’ve been waiting for the opportunity to pack up again and embark on a journey. ” said Maja Vikario, regional manager for Booking.com Travelers from Croatia most wanted to stay in apartments Destinations like Bali, Andalusia, London, Florida and Paris continue to inspire travel enthusiasts around the world, but due to the uncertain situation in the last two months as many as 51% of passengers globally on its Wish List it marked destinations within their country unlike last year when at the same time 33% of travelers expressed a desire to visit domestic destinations.  Photo: Plitvice Holiday Resort Also on the Wish List of countries that travelers from Croatia would like to visit are Italy, Turkey, Spain, the United Kingdom and Serbia. Nevertheless, domestic destinations are still a favorite of travelers from Croatia on the Booking.com Wish List.  48% of Croats want to visit destinations within Croatia When we talk about adventures abroad, travelers from Croatia dream mostly about big European cities of culture as well as destinations in neighboring countries. The list includes Istanbul (Turkey) in first place, followed by Budapest (Hungary), London (UK), Belgrade (Serbia) and Paris (France), and Rome (Italy) and Lisbon in the top destinations. ) and Sarajevo (BiH).  Interestingly, on the top 1000 global list of the most desirable destinations in the world, there are as many as nine regions from Croatia with the Split-Dalmatia County at the top, after which Istria and the Dubrovnik-Neretva County are on the list.center_img While dreaming of changing the environment and spending the night outside their home, travelers from Croatia most wanted to stay in apartments, hotels, guest houses, cottages and resorts. As many as 41% of travelers from Croatia during the last two months have expressed a desire to stay in apartments, which is much more than the global average of 20%.  Reviewing the millions of “Wish Lists” travelers have created on Booking.com over the past two months, with more than 100 different destinations recorded since early March, Booking.com has decided to share the top destinations and accommodation units travelers have been thinking about as they waiting for the time when they would be able to start traveling again.  Since the beginning of March, they have been at the top of the Wish List of domestic destinations for travelers from Croatia Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Opatija, Rijeka, Makarska, Rovinj and Osijek which tells us that travelers look forward to visiting the sunny cities on the coast and beaches, but also the hustle and bustle offered by the big cities in the interior after weeks spent in isolation. Travelers who have already visited these destinations recommend them because of their history and beautiful old buildings, walks along rivers or the sea and friendly people.  Although travel plans are currently on hold, data collected by Booking.com reveals that this has not stopped travel enthusiasts from daydreaming.  In 2020, it is on the Wish List of travelers from Croatia as many as 48% of those who want to visit destinations within Croatia which represents an increase compared to 2019, when 38% of domestic passengers said so.  The three most desirable accommodation units in Croatia for travelers from Croatia are Apartments Lisinski in Zagreb, Madison Luxury Apartments in Zagreb and Plitvice Holiday Resort in Grabovac. The most desirable accommodation units outside Croatia for travelers from Croatia are Apartment East West (Belgrade, Serbia), Nusha Apartments (Belgrade, Serbia) and Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy). last_img read more

Indonesia sees fewer natural disasters in first half of 2020: BNPB

first_imgThe National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said the country witnessed fewer natural disasters in the first half of this year, with 1,549 disasters recorded as of June – fewer than 2,229 in the same period last year.The agency also recorded fewer fatalities caused by natural disasters, with 206 people having lost their lives in the last six months due to such disasters. Natural disasters claimed 479 lives throughout the first half of 2019.Moreover, natural disasters throughout the first half of this year injured 273 people and displaced 2.3 million residents. The disaster agency also recorded that such calamities damaged more than 22,000 buildings, including houses, places of worship, schools and health facilities. More than 99 percent of natural disasters occurring in the first half of 2019 were hydrometeorological disasters caused by atmospheric, hydrological and oceanographic phenomena, such as floods, droughts, putting beliung (small tornadoes) and high tides.“The most affected region was Central Java with 332 disasters, followed by West Java with 290, East Java 205, Aceh 151 and South Sulawesi 86,” BNPB spokesperson Raditya Jati said in a statement on Wednesday.Read also: New bill mandates 2 percent state budget allocation for disaster mitigation The COVID-19 pandemic complicated disaster mitigation efforts in the country, especially in areas with a high number of confirmed cases. “This calls for extra readiness and anticipatory measures by all parties, so we can avoid COVID-19 transmission upon responding to the emergency situation,” said Raditya.Floods made the headlines this year, as they were still inundating several regions in Sulawesi and Kalimantan as of late June.Jakarta also saw widespread flooding on New Year’s Eve and in February due to record-breaking rainfall in the capital and its surrounding areas. The location for the country’s future capital city, North Penajam Paser regency in East Kalimantan, was also inundated by floodwater in February, affecting at least 422 residents.Flash floods caused by an overflow of the Bone River in Gorontalo in June had forced residents of Bone Bolango regency and Gorontalo municipality to take shelter away from their homes.Topics :last_img read more

2020 Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Extended Following Consumer Complaints, Deadline is Now Wednesday

first_img Healthcare,  Press Release,  Public Health Governor Tom Wolf and Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman are today informing Pennsylvanians of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Affordable Care Act (ACA) open enrollment extension due to consumer complaints of website glitches and significant delays yesterday, the original deadline to enroll. The deadline has been extended to 3 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 18. Consumers can sign-up at www.HealthCare.gov.“I’m pleased that Pennsylvanians have some additional days to visit HealthCare.gov to enroll in an Affordable Care Act health insurance plan,” Gov. Wolf said. “It’s my priority to have every Pennsylvanian healthy and to have the right, affordable plan to receive care. I encourage people who wanted to enroll and missed yesterday’s deadline to take advantage of this extension.”“Widespread reports that HealthCare.gov was inoperable at times yesterday make clear that HHS needed to provide American consumers another opportunity to enroll in health coverage,” said Commissioner Altman. “A ‘technological error’ should not be the reason that a Pennsylvania family goes without health insurance beginning on January 1.”Commissioner Altman continued, “My department, Gov. Wolf, insurance agents and brokers, and our navigator and assister partners across the commonwealth have worked tirelessly over the last six weeks to inform Pennsylvanians of their coverage options for next year. As recently as Friday we were meeting with constituents – side-by-side with U.S. Senator Bob Casey – about coverage options, and explaining the difference between comprehensive ACA plans, and sub-standard, short-term plans. We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to do this for a couple of additional days.”For more information on health insurance or to contact the Insurance Department’s Bureau of Consumer Services, visit www.insurance.pa.gov or call 1-877-881-6388. SHARE Email Facebook Twitter December 16, 2019center_img 2020 Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Extended Following Consumer Complaints, Deadline is Now Wednesdaylast_img read more